One of the things I love most about taking my Taotao scooter out for a ride is the places I can get into with ease that would otherwise be unaccessible in a car.  I can maneuver down dirt paths, ride on the sidewalk or park right in front of a store!  It is amazing how many beautiful things are out there….if you only take the time to look, and not just look….but SEE!!

Would you like to take a little trip with me and enjoy some spectacular sights?  Well, come on then.  Hop on the back, there’s plenty of room…hang on tight because sometimes I go really fast…..well, as fast as my scooter will let me, which is about 40 mph.

LET’S GO.…….Destination:  New Albany, Indiana.

Located in Southern Indiana, this is a beautiful little town chock full of wonderful treasures, historical buildings, mansions, and even some ghost buildings!

Speaking of ghosts, take a gander at Culbertson Mansion, which is rumored to be one of the most haunted houses in the world.  You can find out more about it, including its history and ghost sightings, online at  They even offer tours……if you’ve got the nerve!!!

Culbertson Mansion

Culbertson Mansion 4

Culbertson Mansion, located in New Albany, Indiana

I don’t know what it is about seeing old, abandoned buildings such as the ones below, that leave me feeling nostalgic.  Perhaps it’s because they remind me of my childhood, where buildings such as these were a common sight where I grew up in Pahokee, Florida.  These are what I refer to as “ghost buildings.”  Once a thriving business, filled with hard-working people, now an empty shell of what used to be.  And, judging by all the broken windows, a lack of respect from passersby.

Abandoned Building

Reisz Furniture

Moser Leather Company

Ghost buildings.  Pay no attention to the scooter rider on the left.  It’s just my husband photo-bombing my photo!!!

Mansions are a common sight in New Albany.  While there are way too many to count or to take pictures of, I did get a few.  Pay close attention to the dates on some of these historical markers!!!

A Mansion

Yellow Mansion

Historical Building

Michael Kerr Home

Isaac P Smith House

Heritage Waypost

Historical buildings and mansions located in New Albany, Indiana.  Seems as though the birds may like the Heritage Waypost, too!!!

I saw this memorial in front of the Knights of Columbus building, and it just really tugged at my heartstrings.  Sad, but also beautiful….

In Memory of Aborted Children

In addition to all of the remarkable historical buildings and mansions, New Albany also boasts some pretty fancy, and quite stunning, flowers.  I took these pictures of gardens that I saw along the way.



If you’re into flying carpets, here’s a place you might want to check out!!  Of course, that’s a joke.  It is a restaurant in New Albany that caters to Mediterranean cuisine.  I just liked the name….not sure I’d like the food, though.


There is so, so much more to see in New Albany.  I love hopping on my scooter and riding up and down the streets, admiring the beautiful homes, exquisite yards and gardens, and the buildings, new and old alike.  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods and want to see a truly unique little town, New Albany is for you!!!

Big Four Station

The Big Four Station, an entry to the walking bridge on the Indiana side where you can actually walk all the way across the Ohio River and into Louisville, KY


Bridge and River

River front of the Ohio River and Big Four Bridge in the background.

Riverfront Stadium

Riverfront Stadium, located on the Ohio River and home to a lot of waterfront concerts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip to New Albany.  I shall now be on my way, planning out our next trip.  Anywhere in particular you’d like to go????

Until next time, take care and God Bless!!!

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