Common Disagreement

“Yum, this broccoli is delicious!”  “Gross, I hate broccoli!”  “Really? Why?”  “It tastes like grass.” [laugh]  “Have you ever eaten grass?” “No, of course not!”  “Then how do you know it tastes like grass?” “Well, that’s what I imagine it to taste like.”  “Have you ever actually eaten broccoli?” “No, but I know I won’t like it.”  “Why’s that?”  “I don’t like vegetables.”  (Notice how the lover of broccoli got a good laugh because of the non-lover of broccoli’s reference to grass?)

Common Agreement

“I love the summer time!”  “Me, too!  But I especially love the fall, with all the brilliant, flaming colors.”  “Oh man, me too!”  “People think I’m crazy, but I also love the winter.  I love looking at the snow.  It’s so beautiful and sparkles like diamonds when the sun shines on it.”  “I love it, too!  You’re not crazy!”  (They both express their love for the different seasons.)

Healthy Debate

“So, you don’t believe in ghosts?”  “There’s no such thing, so no, I don’t believe.  Do you?”  “Yes, I do.  I’ve had some experiences that can’t be explained.”  “No fooling?”  “No fooling.”  “Tell me about your experiences.  I’m really interested in hearing more.”  “Will you share with me why you don’t believe?”  “Absolutely!”  (The non-believer didn’t debase the believer.  Instead, he was interested in hearing why his friend did believe.  This will probably lead to a very interesting conversation.)

Political Debate

“You’re not a Trump supporter?”  “No, sorry, I’m not.”  “Let me guess…you’re a Killary supporter?”  “I didn’t say that.”  “You may as well have since you just said you didn’t vote for Trump.  Guess that explains it.”  “Explains what?”  “Why you’re………..”


Whatever happened to the age of a good, healthy debate?  Where opinions, beliefs and feelings mattered?  Why can people no longer share their personal feelings and/or political views without the fear of being torn apart by hateful words and slander?  It’s almost like the art of moral conversation has become a thing of the past, and to me, that is a sad thing.

If you have read any of my Facebook posts in the past couple of days, you will see exactly what I am talking about.  My original post was simply me expressing my feelings about a certain event.  But then people started commenting, then others would comment on the comments, so on and so forth, until it escalated into an inferno and was blown completely out of proportion – hurting some feelings, stepping on some toes, and ticking off others.  While that certainly was not my intent, unfortunately, that’s how it ended.  I actually considered deleting the entire feed in an attempt to save some feelings, but the damage was already done.  And the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to delete it.  Okay, so some feelings were hurt and some toes were stepped on, but to delete the feed is to deny others their opportunity to express their own feelings.  I am a huge believer in people being able to exercise their First Amendment Rights, and if they do that on a particular feed, then that is their prerogative.  I will not tell people that they need to shut up just because their opinions differ from mine or from the others who have commented on the post.  I do not trample on the opinions and views of others; therefore, I will not allow anyone to trample on mine.  We’re all adults here – or, at least I thought we were.  It’s unfortunate that some so-called adults act like they’re auditioning for a seat on Romper Room.  I have come to the conclusion that is their problem, not mine.  I do not wear my feelings on my sleeve, I am strong enough to handle criticism.  I do it all the time with publishers and editors, but that doesn’t stop me from writing and submitting.  What I will not tolerate, however, are debasing and personal attacks on me or my family.  It’s one thing when someone I know personally says something negative because it’s generally done out of love or because they feel comfortable enough with and about me to give an opinion.  But when it’s no more than just a Facebook friend who does not know me or know anything about me, I will rip them a new butthole faster than they can blink, and I won’t hesitate for one second to do it.  If you don’t believe me, check those feeds.

I did, however, publicly proclaim that I would no longer post anything else on Facebook unless it was related to my games or my blog.  But then the comments started pouring in, wanting to know why I would change who I was to appease someone else.  I had to think about that…for about two seconds.  Linda Honeycutt, you are so right – I DO have the right to voice my opinion and share my feelings, and I should be able to do that without worrying about whose feelings I’m going to hurt.  Carole Peacock – you, too, are right.  I am who I am, this is me, and I don’t pretend to be something or someone that I’m not.  And yes, I will continue to post just so you can have someone to pick on!!! 🙂  Lisa Bonnell – you are and always have been my loving and faithful friend who believes in me and who I am.  Many thanks to all of my other friends who had kind and supporting words to say.  I greatly appreciate your kindness.

Instead of tearing each other down or ripping them to shreds, let’s lift each other UP and start showing a little love and support for our fellow humans.  Hug somebody, strike up a conversation with a stranger, engage in a healthy debate, but do it kindly and with care.

Until next time…..

Take care and God Bless!!!



  1. what a great blog!!! You rock Glenda and you write very pointedly and beautifully……this is so true….love you


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