I had a very interesting conversation last night on Facebook with a couple of women regarding the subject of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal, and I found some of the things they told me to be quite fascinating.

Communicating with the dead is a topic that a lot of people don’t like to discuss, either because they don’t believe in it, because the subject matter scares them, or out of fear that they may be conjuring or communicating with evil spirits and inviting them to cross over into the living world.  While a majority of people are quick to dismiss the possibility that communicating with loved ones who have passed on is impossible, and flick it off with the wave of a hand – I’m not so quick to do so.  I believe that there is a vast amount of the unknown floating around out there in etherland, things that we don’t understand and can’t explain.  But just because YOU haven’t seen or heard a ghost doesn’t mean that they’re not around you.  I thoroughly believe that there are some people who have a certain insight and a strong perception to the paranormal such as this.  I also believe that those same people are reluctant to talk about it because they don’t want to be ridiculed or made fun of.  And I can’t say that I blame them.

I grew up watching scary movies and reading horror books, and they never scared me. In fact, the scarier, the better.  As a kid, I spent my summers in Alabama visiting relatives, and believe me when I tell you that my Granddaddy could tell some whoppers – and I believed every single word.   I could sit and listen to him for hours spinning his yarns about his experiences with ghosts and hauntings.   As an adult, I have wondered many times if any of the stories he told me were true.  Although I have never personally seen or spoken to a ghost, I most certainly have had things happen to me that I couldn’t explain, with the most recent occurrence happening only a couple of weeks ago when I kept smelling my mother’s favorite perfume, Red Door.  I don’t wear it and don’t even own a bottle of it, so where was the smell coming from?  Was my mother here visiting me and letting me know she was here by being able to identify her perfume?  I’d like to think she was, for that is a very comforting thought.

I am very well aware that there are naysayers who will argue that it is not possible for dead ones to communicate with the living, and vice versa,  but I think I would have to disagree with that.  I can start by asking, “Did Mary Magdalene communicate with Jesus when he arose from the tomb?”  He was no longer a living being, He was a spirit, yet she saw Him, spoke to Him, and He spoke to her, informing her not to touch him (John 20:17), but later told (Doubting) Thomas TO touch Him and believe (John 20:27).  There are thousands upon thousands of recorded documents of people recounting their experiences with deceased loved ones, in books and magazines,  but I suppose it is up to the person reading to determine whether they believe or not.  But let me ask you this.  When family members visit graves, why do they talk to the one who has passed on?  Is it to comfort themselves or because they truly believe that their loved one can hear them?

I realize that this is a controversial subject and different people have different views, and there’s probably some of you out there who have had experiences of your own.  I would LOVE to hear about them.  If you’d like to share them but don’t want to put them here, email them to me at glendakaypetz@outlook.com.  I promise you that your story will remain confidential.

The next time that someone you loved and has passed on suddenly comes to mind, or you feel a soft breeze that came out of nowhere, or a familiar scent (like a perfume) is noticeable, don’t be so quick to dismiss it.  Take the time to stand still and listen…you never know what you might just hear!

Until next time…..

Take care and God Bless!


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