How many of you have ever seen the movie “The Omen?”  Doesn’t matter whether it’s the original or the remake, they both carry the same message – the birth and rising to power of the Antichrist.  If you did see the movie, then you know that Damien Thorn didn’t simply appear in a puff of magical smoke – he was born from a jackal, chosen from his conception to fulfill the role of The Beast, taking the place of a murdered newborn to claim his place in the family of the United States Ambassador to Great Britain.  While The Omen is a work of fiction, it is based on Biblical teachings about the Antichrist and how he will rise up in a position of power.  Not by being an investment banker or a movie star – but politically.  At the end of the first movie, Damien is shown standing by the side of the President of the United States while attending the funeral of his father.  Keep in mind he had already murdered his mother and was also responsible for the death of his father.  In the sequels, Damien is taken in by his uncle, and after the deaths of those family members, turns the uncle’s company into a global business corporation.  Damien went on to become the Ambassador to Great Britain (the same position as his father) because England was the site of the second coming.  Damien didn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of his success or his calling, and he did whatever it took to make sure that his purpose was uninterrupted, and that his mission was fulfilled.  Now, let’s put the fiction behind us and move ahead to what’s real.  Are you ready for this?

First off, while The Omen is a movie with fictional characters and an embellished plot, the undertone is VERY real.  I have been a Christian all of my life, and many times have been taught about and heard of the second coming, the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, what to look for, how to identify him.  Many times I have wondered if I would be able to make those distinctions.  Afterall, he will look like an average, every day man, but with exceptionally different attributes.  I’ve pondered whether or not we would be put to a test, a trial run, so to speak, just to see if we will recognize him when we see him, or if we’ll be so caught up in his splendor that we won’t be able to see the forest for the trees.

I did a lot of research before writing this blog, and also consulted my Bible and even my Bible for Dummies to gain knowledge and insight to help me understand exactly what I wanted to say and what I wanted to make a point of.  To begin, let’s take a look at, and break down, some of the top and most important characteristics to look for.


He will be charming and speak the words that people want to hear, but only those caught up in his web of deceit will see his words as soothing.  There will be those who are not so taken in by his charisma, and those will be the ones questioning his true intentions.


He will be a master of deception, akin to a charming, clever psychopath, that will bring him to global prominence in multiple ways.  He will have the ability to avoid what some people might call “scandalous behavior.”


And I don’t mean tiny white lies, like telling your friend she looks great in that dress when, in fact, she doesn’t.  He will tell whoppers that are so convincing that when he speaks the words and the words fall upon the ears of his followers, they believe it to be the truth because the deception is so deep that they can’t see beyond the alternate reality that he creates around them.  Additionally, he will know they’re lies when speaking them, but conviction for wrong-doings isn’t an attribute he possesses.


While I’m sure this is self-explanatory, keep in mind that this particular economic control goes beyond the United States!  It will be global and will affect everyone living on earth.


Remember, he is a master of deception and the “wonders” you may witness aren’t really wonders at all, but more like the slight of hand from a master magician.  Some examples of this would be creating a massive chaotic situation that will ruffle the feathers of some, but not all, then finding the means to repair the chaos, all the while claiming victory for solving the problem.  What he will create are optical illusions, but his faithful followers will be so drawn in by him that they will fail to see the truth.


Most people probably view blasphemy as a direct insult toward God, but that’s not necessarily true.  Insulting God’s people is just as blasphemous as if it were pointedly directed at God himself.  Matthew 25:40 tells us that ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Bottom line – insulting God’s children equals insulting God.


In other words, the law doesn’t apply to him so he doesn’t have to follow any of them.  He will be able to do and say what he wants without any repercussions.  Again, he is a master of deceit, so those who are taken in by his charisma won’t view his actions as lawless and they will defend him relentlessly.


What, exactly, does that mean?  Is he going to destroy buildings?  Will he tear up highways and blow up bridges?  While that is certainly possible, because he will be extremely destructive, I’m leaning more toward the fact that this means a destroyer of people and relationships.  For instance, let’s say a husband and wife are on opposite sides of the belief spectrum – one is a follower and one isn’t.  You don’t think that would cause a huge riff between the couple?  Possibly arguments and eventually a splitting of the two?  Is that not being destroyed?  Not just couples either.  Parents and children, family and friends.  Those who choose not to follow his path of destruction and deceit will be ostracized by those who do.


What does it mean to be deceitful?  One example would be saying one thing publicly but quite a different story in private to those who surround him (and he will have a team of supporters to help him with his dirty work – he will not act alone in his deceptions and lies).  Another would be spreading falsehoods and gossip and passing them off as truths, knowing that his loyalists will believe whatever he says.


Just like Damien Thorn.  Why?  Because that’s where the power is.  Where better to be than in a position of power where he can be in the public eye and known worldwide?  He won’t be a Little Tom Thumb sitting in the corner eating his pie.  He will be bold, crass and loud.  Afterall, he DOES want his message to be heard.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes arrogance as “exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner.”  To put it simply, he will be so full of himself that anything and anyone outside of his own personal bubble will be of no importance to him, other than using them for financial or personal gain.  In his mind, they are dispensable and inadequate in comparison to him.

While there are certainly many, many more characteristics, I personally thought these are some of the most important ones to mull over.  The Bible warns us to be vigilant and to keep watch constantly so as not to be taken in by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I believe that when we are finally faced with dealing with the Antichrist, (and we will), there will be two distinct groups – those who believe in him and follow his teachings, and those who don’t.  The two groups will be at constant war with each other, either by slander, hateful and hurtful words, possibly even physical contact, such as fighting and shooting.  The devil will delight in such behavior, because nothing makes him happier than witnessing actions such as the warring, idolatry (yes, fighting over him is most definitely idolatry!), wicked words and actions.  He relishes in it, wraps himself in it like a warm blanket while he smiles and the wars continue to rage around him.  Those who love, worship and adore him won’t be able to figure out why those who oppose him don’t feel the same way that they do – and vice versa.  The answer is quite simple.  It’s because the two groups will sit on opposite sides of the fence, with differing insights, opinions and feelings.  It will be the ultimate battle between good and evil.  I can only hope and pray that when that time comes, I choose wisely.

Christians, be vigilant, be alert, be focused, and pay attention.  Your eternal life may just depend on it.

Until next time….

Take care and God Bless!



  1. humans ARE chosen to carry infants that house alien souls. It happens still. I am not Christian – but you are not alone in your beliefs, none the less! This is very real.

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  2. Thank you so much. I said that he was such when he was campaigning and mocked the disabled journalist. I was laughed at by a friend( Facebook ) and we haven’t spoken since. Satan means “accurser “. That what he does best. We need all the prayers we can get. Fast and pray. Again thank you for sharing such a astute observations.


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