My heart is heavy, weighted down by sadness and grief over what we, the human race, have allowed ourselves to become.  And I can’t help but wonder if the damage is irreparable, or if it is capable of mending, how long will it take to completely recover?  Months?  Years?  Generations?

The latest mass shooting in New Zealand has really ripped at my heart because of the degree of pure hatred in which the attack was driven.  I simply cannot understand hating a person or a race simply because of the color of their skin or the religion they choose to practice, and to the extreme that it took to take 50 innocent lives without regards to gender, age or color.  An act so violent isn’t simply motivated by hatred, but also by an intense form of pure, unadulterated evil.

We now live in a society where tensions amongst us seem to be at the highest level that I’ve personally ever seen them.  Express your opinion and you’ll probably get cussed out or called names.  Offer facts in a debate and get told that facts don’t matter over beliefs.  Make a stand against gun violence and be told “you ain’t takin’ my guns!”  Disagree with someone’s stance on abortion and be called a baby killer.  It never ends.  Someone, somewhere is always unhappy or disgruntled about something – or offended by it.  When did we, as adults, lose our level of maturity and return to adolescent, snot-nosed brats?  Children often get into tiffs and name-calling on the playground or at school and that’s okay because we expect it from children.  But when it’s adults doing it, I find it quite disgusting, reprehensible and extremely childish.

Whatever happened to the good old days when two people could have a civilized conversation and/or debate and talk out their differences without sinking into the mire of debasing one’s character or slinging filthy names at them?  Why can’t we, as a society, return to a more civilized way of addressing each other, whether it’s face to face or on social media?

How can we ever expect our nation and our people to heal when, on any given day, I can read news threads, comments and group forums that do nothing but promote hate and division?  Why do people engage in this type of activity and behavior?  I don’t get it.

It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in, because I always have and I always will, but it’s a whole different ballgame when others expect me to respect their beliefs and opinions while kicking sand in my face and belittling me because I have a different point of view.  It’s okay to disagree and have differences, as long as it’s done diplomatically and with tact.  No one likes being talked down to, or made fun of, or called stupid.

God is crying!  He is weeping for us, His children, because of our words, our behavior, our constant bickering and dislike for others who are different from us, regardless of whether it’s their skin color, their sexual preferences, their religion, their disabilities, the color of their hair, the amount of makeup they wear, how much money they make, how expensive their homes and cars are.  The list goes on and on.  Can’t we all just get along and accept each other for who we are, lift each other up and help each other to move forward in a positive light instead of throwing each other down into the dark sewers of destruction?

I’ll do my part.  Will you?

Until next time…..

Take care and God Bless!





  1. Many of us are crying and upset about extra violence in the world, which has caused so much sadness and pure grief to all the victims concerned. I have trouble with my words in trying to express how hurt I feel and how sad. Some of these “one off” people are mentally deranged, but others are just out to kill and maim to try and prove a point that doesn’t need this sort of violence. Even the persons who are sick – someone out there must have seen some signs and not sure where to go for help – but how they obtain the weapons they are using is so wrong.
    Even here in Canada/Quebec we have had our share of this quite recently. So not fair, no matter what your beliefs are we are all one people, no matter what colour or creed, although there are many whose religions are very similar, but still they are incited to violence, which just does not affect those who have been personally touched but affects many others all over the world. It certainly is a fearful world and I understand small and younger children can have their difficulties, with other children, but does it really lead to them becoming adults who are violent???
    Educators all over the world are dealing the best they can with bullying and integration in their schools with all levels of students, from those who do not speak the common language and have seen despicable sights all over the world that has affected them so badly that they do not know how to behave in a society who abhors violence, to those many students who do not know how to control their anger, and also some who live in atrocious families which they think is the norm. We, ourselves have two adults in their early 30’s who would never be provoked to initiating violence as we are seeing, or even being incorporated into ‘following along’. From my own personal experience, having worked in Elementary schools as an Education Assistant I have over the past year or two been told of two students who I had worked with, although not closely, who when going to High School decided that this life was not for them and committed suicide after a year or so in that School. Again, no-one saw this coming and my heart goes out to their parents and family. Bullying, Suicide and Violence seems to be creeping into our societies more and more and I feel we should be looking for more signs, but what, when and where???
    More guns – I think not – more drugs – I think not… More people to STOP the gun sales and the drug sales, I think that would help, but it will certainly take a lot more than that -certainly some parents could step up their game and be helping to discipline their children with more consequences, and I don’t mean physical violence but take away the cell phone for a few days, no more television in their bedrooms for a week – and please be careful what they are watching too. There is also so much more violence and drug taking in movies than ever before.
    I know from my own experience that it is difficult if you both have to work steady jobs, but take the kids out to play at weekends, keep them busy, teach them how to be caring of others who have physical or mental challenges, find them a sport to play in the Summer or Winter, as they get older.

    Sorry if this is a longer comment than usual, but I turn 70 this week and seem to have sadness every week now with terrible things happening here, or all over the world and not be able to help find a change.

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