Why Do Good, Decent and Moral People Continue to Support and Defend Donald Trump?

The question I find myself asking more and more every single day is the exact same question as the title of this editorial. In light of the numerous articles and news stories exposing his corruption and criminality, how can anyone with a scintilla of moral decency or integrity continue to side with him, defend every word he says, every move he makes? On any given day, I can read the comments on various news feeds of people arguing with each other, each presenting their opinions and views, only to be shredded by “the other side,” each believing that their opinions are the only ones that matter. To each their own, I say. Just because one side thinks they’re right doesn’t mean the other side is necessarily wrong. We have come to a time in our world where even the slightest negative mention of Donald Trump can erupt into full-blown volcanic activity. I should know, I’ve been on the receiving end of those hateful comments more times than I care to remember. It doesn’t matter to me how many times I’m attacked, how many names I’m called or how desperately one of his supporters tries to get me to see things their/his way, it will NEVER happen. I’ve been called a snowflake, a liberal (even though I’m a Republican), a dumbass Democrat (see prior), a libtard (see prior), Un-American and Unpatriotic, just to name a few. Simply because I do NOT support Donald Trump. Through my eyes, what I see is this: failure to support and uphold the man is the equivalent of refusing to accept the Mark of the Beast, making me an outsider, an outcast, a freak of nature. And to be honest, that’s fine with me. Mostly on Facebook,, I constantly find myself attempting to explain why I post the things I do, especially when confronted by a Trump supporter. No matter how much I try, it’s never good enough. They absolutely cannot see beyond their own beliefs, opinions and viewpoints, and either refuse to believe or accept facts for what they are – facts. While there are some on both sides of the aisle that respect each others’ opinions, there are twice, three times as many who absolutely do not.

Included in those feed comments, I’ve read things such as this: “if they support Donald Trump, then they’re not good or moral.” “If they support Donald Trump, then they’re just as corrupt as he is!” “If they support Donald Trump, they must want to live in a dictatorship.” These are just a few of the comments I’ve read…and I don’t believe a single one of them, no more than I believe that all Democrats are evil, no good and have a deep love for terrorists. On one hand, I understand that the majority of Americans wanted a change after having a Democratic President for 8 years. But to accept a person of his caliber with open arms and rush to his defense every single time an opposing word is said about him is as astounding to me today as it was on the night his Presidency was announced. I cannot comprehend why so many of his supporters are okay with his behavior…the way he acts, the things he says, the lies he tells, the names he calls. I don’t view his behavior as Presidential at all. I view it as the behavior of a spoiled brat who has never been held accountable in his life for his atrocious behavior…..until now! While he is a 70+ year old man, the remainder of that statement rings true. His entire life he has been corrupt and engaged in criminal activity, including being associated with the New York mob. He has asked, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” And if you’re not familiar with who that guy was, I suggest you do some reading. He was one of the most notorious attorneys for the mafia in New York. Donald Trump has, more than once, referred to him as his “mentor.” Trump’s supporters may be okay and comfortable with a mafia Don being in charge of the highest seat in our nation, but I am not.

I decided to write this piece to put into perspective why I cannot and will not support a man like Donald Trump. Not as the President, and certainly not as a person. Instead of constantly trying to explain myself, I’ll break it down for anyone who’s interested in reading why and show you point by point, reason by reason exactly why I will NEVER budge as far as he is concerned.

I have always been extremely careful about what I post on Facebook, cautious not to be overly demeaning in my posts because I have friends and family members who are staunch supporters of the man and there’s nothing I would do to intentionally hurt their feelings or jeopardize a relationship. I have lost friends because of my stance, argued with friends and family, had disagreements, but have learned when to shut up lest the disagreement grow into something much more harmful than a few stupid words.

RUSSIA – I’ll start all the way back at the beginning, say…..thirty years BEFORE he was President. My first knowledge of who Donald Trump was began in 1987, while I was working for the Florida Highway Patrol when I heard on the news that he was attempting to build a Trump Tower Moscow. I recall thinking, “why in the world would ANYONE want to build there, of all places?” Over the years, I have learned it’s because he is deeply indebted to Russian banks and Oligarchs and I guess you could say it was his way of returning a favor. Some might argue that this is not true, at which point I would urge you to open Google and search what Eric and Don, Jr. both had to say about the funding they received from Russia. The reason is quite clear if you’re familiar with Trump’s financial past. American banking institutions lost billions of dollars by lending money to Trump, loans that he either defaulted on or refused to pay; therefore, he began seeking out funding institutions outside of the United States – namely, Russia. He has taken out multitudes of loans with Russian backed banks. That, too, is verifiable by conducting some research. During his campaign, he SWORE that he had no dealings with Russia whatsoever, only to later learn that wasn’t true. He was STILL attempting to build there, even while he was in the midst of a campaign for the Presidency of the United States! He even went as far as to offer Vladimir Putin a $50,000,000 penthouse apartment in the structure free of charge in exchange for allowing him to build there. For nearly three years, he and his supporters constantly decried, “NO COLLUSION! NO OBSTRUCTION!” yet the Mueller report says otherwise. In part one of the report, details are laid out that show various members of the Trump campaign having in excess of 140 contacts with Russian representatives and/or Oligarchs. Are you kidding me? Why? One is too many!! Part two of the report clearly details 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice. Yet Trump repeatedly said he was either “completely vindicated,” or “completely exonerated.” That, my friends, is a big fat LIE!!! The OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) has a policy that declares that no sitting President can be indicted, which is the ONLY reason no charges were filed against him. Robert Mueller himself put in the report that “this also does not exonerate him,” and stated that once he is no longer the President, charges can be filed. And I’m sure they will be. Not only for the crimes listed in the report, but also for the 14 cases pending at the SDNY, including Violations of Campaign Funds and Emoluments Clause violations, to name two. Don’t kid yourself into thinking he “got off,” because he most certainly DID NOT! If you choose to continue to believe that there was no Russian collusion, that is certainly your prerogative, but it doesn’t change facts. In numerous articles from various news agencies and newspaper, it has been reported that Trump is deeply compromised by Russia because of incriminating KOMPROMAT that they have on him and he kowtows to Putin to prevent any of it from being made public. This is in addition to the millions/billions of dollars he owes Russian banks.

BUSINESS – On multiple occasions, I have either heard his supporters say, or I have read it in comments, that he’s going to run the USA like he did his businesses. Good grief, I hope not!!! Unfortunately, I believe he is well on his way to doing exactly that considering that our deficit is the highest it has EVER been. But by all means, keep hoping that he runs our country like his businesses….and it will fail, just like his businesses did. Six bankruptcies and 23 failed businesses. I’ll save you the time. Here’s the list: The Castle Hotel & Casino, The Plaza Casino, Trump’s Plaza Hotel, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Trump’s Taj Mahal, Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, Trump Travel, Trumpnet (gotrump.com), Trump Tower Tampa, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Success & Empire Colognes (sold exclusively at Macy’s), Trump Menswear, Trump Brand Serta Mattress, Trump Ice, New Jersey Generals.

ASK THOSE WHO KNOW HIM – That’s the business end of it. If you truly want to know what type of a business person he is, listen to people who have worked with and for him. People like Barbara Res, Tony Schwartz and Donnie Deutsch. This is a man who faked bone spurs to keep from having to serve in the military, but when asked about it in an interview, couldn’t even say which foot the spurs had been in. The same man who had housing applications marked to indicate if the applicant was “a person of color,” because he didn’t want to rent to them, which resulted in a lawsuit being filed under the Fair Housing Law. He claims to love our military, yet in the 150-year history of his family, NOT ONE of them has served. He loves the military but degraded a Gold Star family? He loves the military but how many visits has he made to see them and show his support? He loves the military but he has dipped into military funding and taken millions of dollars away from them to use toward building his still non-existent border wall? He loves the military but sent troops to Saudi Arabia for a price? According to him, “a billion dollars is already in the bank.” Since when did our military become purchasable for a price?

NEWS AGENCIES – NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NCR, PBS, The Boston Globe, The L.A. Times – all at one time highly regarded and respected news agencies and newspapers – until Trump said they weren’t and labeled them as “the enemy of the people.” Or course, now his loyal followers and supporters believe that and call anything reported by any of them “fake news.” Nowadays, if news doesn’t come from Fox, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, Turning Point USA or any other right-wing conservative news outlet, it’s all fake news – even when it isn’t. Simply because any particular article makes someone look bad or paints them in a negative light, doesn’t make it unreal. Keep in mind that the NYT and WaPo have both been in circulation since the 1800’s and will still be in circulation long after Donald Trump is gone. Journalists aren’t hired to side with one party or the other, nor are they hired for the sole purpose of making anyone look good or bad – they’re hired to report on stories, good or bad, positive or negative. How they’re viewed solely depends on how any particular person sees it. Let me share a quick story with you. I used to watch Fox News. Watched it every night. Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, then Sean Hannity. I am not now, nor have I ever been, one who limits herself to only one source of news. I listen to them all because I like to compare. That’s exactly how I figured out that Fox either wasn’t reporting certain stories or they weren’t telling the truth about particular ones. When I watch and read 15 different news outlets and they’re all basically telling the same story, then I turn to Fox and they’re not reporting it at all – that is a HUGE problem for me. It was then that I quit watching it, telling myself that it was no wonder Trump supporters weren’t getting the whole picture of current events, especially if they were depending on Fox to tell them about it!!! The stories they report are nothing but praise for Trump – they will not report anything negative about him. And that’s just not fair to Fox viewers. They, like everyone else, deserve to know the truth.

HE’S A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR – The man simply can’t help himself. He lies about everything, big or small. In fact, there is a reporter that keeps a running tab on his lies and as I write this, the count is right at 15,000 lies since his inauguration. Samples, you say? “Mr. President, did you know that Michael Cohen claims that you approved of a $150,000 payout to Stormy Daniels?” “No, I didn’t. You’ll have to ask Michael about that.” “Lev Parnas?” Don’t know the guy. You’ll have to ask Rudy.” Photographs are wonderful things, don’t you think? As is audio. Several of them that were printed by various newspapers contradict his claim. Turns out there was an audio recording of the transaction between Trump and Cohen sealing the deal on hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. There are tons and tons more. Look them up if you dare!!

CULTISH BEHAVIOR Yes, you read that right, and that is exactly how I see it. When a person with the power of the Presidency behind him stands before the world and says, “what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing is not what’s really happening,” you’ve got indoctrination. When a group of people believes the word of one man while ignoring thousands of other voices, and only their leader is speaking the truth while the rest of the world is lying – that, my friend, is a cult. This is a man who tells his followers and supporters not to believe anyone other than him because he’s the only one that speaks the truth, a man who proudly turned towards the sun and blasphemously said, “I am the chosen one,” the man who claims to be a Christian but who himself has admitted that he has NEVER asked God’s forgiveness for anything because “he didn’t feel it was necessary.” The same man who stands in his pulpit at rallies and spews vulgarity, going as far as taking God’s name in vain by using the “GD” word, only to be called out the following day by a group of Christian pastors because of his language. He is guilty of spewing vile hatred at his rallies by constantly calling his opposition names, speaking ill of immigrants (even though he is one himself – as were his grandfather, father, first wife, third wife and her parents), threatening violence – “beat the crap out of him!” “in my day he would have been taken out of here on a stretcher!” “knock the shit out of him – don’t worry, I’ll pay your legal fees.” Yet has the audacity to accuse Democratic leaders of spreading hatred and divisiveness?

GODLY?? I DON’T THINK SO!! – Over and over I have heard his supporters proudly proclaim that “God put him in the White House!” And I will argue that point with anyone who’s willing to go there and will continue to deny this until I’m blue in the face. No one will EVER convince me of that ludicrous belief! To say that our Almighty, loving, kind and caring God, put an uncaring, immature, unemotional, unempathetic, unsympathetic, name-calling, debasing, womanizing adulterer in the highest seat in our nation is an insult to God. Unless, of course, it’s a test to see where we, as humans and Christians, stand and to see how far we will go to defend what we know is wrong and wretched behavior in the name of preserving our political parties name. I have been a Christian for most of my life – Baptist by birth. As many churches as I have been to in my life, I have NEVER been to one that would find this type of behavior Godlike or acceptable, nor have I ever had a pastor to say that it’s okay or acceptable to take God’s name in vain, that it’s okay to break marriage vows by engaging in sexual relations outside the marriage, that’s it’s acceptable behavior to constantly degrade and debase others by calling them demeaning names, laughing at them, or making fun of them. This is NOT the type of Christianity I was raised on – thank God!!!

HE’S AN ADULTERER – Not only an adulterer, but a womanizer with more than 25 allegations of sexual misconduct against him, two of those being rape allegations, one of those being the rape of a 13 year old girl when he was in his 50’s at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s orgies. Don’t believe it? Google Katie Johnson and listen to her testimony. If you can get through it without crying or grimacing, then I would question whether or not you have a heart. He cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples, on Marla with Melania, on Melania with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal while Melania was home with their newborn son and who knows how many others in between? He is a self-proclaimed man-whore who made the statement during an interview that “his own personal Viet Nam was ensuring that he didn’t contract a venereal disease.” What an insult to REAL Viet Nam veterans.

HE’S AN INSULTER – He insults any and everyone who dares to stand up to him. Worse than a 5 year old, he’s excellent at slinging out derogatory names and debasing others. When he made fun of the reporter with Cerebral Palsy, I thought, “this is it for him. No one will stand for this kind of garbage.” Much to my dismay, he was applauded for his actions. Don’t even try to tell me it’s been debunked because contrary to Trump’s mantra of “what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing isn’t really what’s happening,” I KNOW what I saw and heard and I found it despicable! Being the aunt of a special needs nephew and the grandmother of a special needs grandson, that type of behavior is totally unacceptable from anyone, especially the President of the United States!!! He’s the typical school ground bully who can dish it out but can’t take it whenever it’s dished back, then whines and cries about who’s picking on him.

MELANIA IS THE CLASSIEST FIRST LADY EVER – Ummmm, not even close. Unless you consider a nude model depicted in multiple lesbian scenes and former paid escort classy, then I guess in your eyes, she is. To say that she is the classiest is to spit in the face of Jackie O. She couldn’t hold a candle to Jackie. And yes, she was definitely a paid escort whom Donald Trump met at a Jeffrey Epstein party in New York who was there to entertain all of Epstein’s men friends. I find it funny and hypocritical that Obama haters were ready to lynch him for wearing a tan suit and Michelle for wearing a sleeveless dress and showing off her bare arms (for shame!!) but refuse to acknowledge Melania’s history. Vanessa Williams was stripped of her Miss America crown when ONE nude photo was made public, yet Melania has hundreds, if not thousands, of nude photos posted on line and she gets to be First Lady. Go figure!

HIS LOVE FOR MURDEROUS DICTATORS – Why is that? Why is he so taken in by these guys: Vladamir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mohamed Bin Salman, Recep Erdogan? He “fell in love” with KJU and sent him “beautiful letters”, cowered down like a whipped puppy to Putin in Helsinki, refused to hold MBS accountable for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and has had Erdogan in the White House! He has thrown his own Intelligence Community under the bus to praise and defend Putin, believing Russian intelligence over American intelligence about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He has had multiple private meetings with Putin without anyone else in the room; therefore, no notes were taken of what was said. The one time an interpreter was in one of those meetings, Trump confiscated her notes and disposed of them. Have you any idea what agencies make up our Intelligence Community? Here’s the list: Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CIA, National Security Agency/Central Security Service, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, Department of Energy – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Army Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, United States Navy – Naval Intelligence, United States Marine Corps – Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Coast Guard Intelligence. But yes, by all means, let’s believe Putin over all of these American agencies that are filled with lifelong public servants whose interests are in keeping our country safe!!!

LOCK HER UP!!! – Continues to be one of the favorite chants at Trump rallies, but the funny thing is, only people associated with HIM have gone to prison! George Papadopolous, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn (recommended 6 months in prison), George Nader (is going to prison on charges of possession of child pornography and sex acts with a minor), while others have abandoned what they saw as a sinking ship. People like Rex Tillerson, James Mattis and Jeff Sessions. Although 3 separate investigations have been conducted against Hillary Clinton, none of them have turned up any evidence that would warrant a prison stay. Trump’s people, on the other hand, well…..perhaps the chant should change to “lock him up?”

KILLING OF QUASSEM SOLEMANI – This is the one that is totally out of hand and the way people are attacking each other over this is disgusting. While I think we can all agree that this was a BAD, BAD man, his assassination isn’t what’s triggering protestors – it’s the way it was handled. Anyone familiar with the U.S. Constitution knows that Congress, and Congress alone, has the power to declare war. Trump has argued that either he didn’t have to tell them because he feared they’d leak information, or that he didn’t have the time to tell them because it was a “spur of the moment” action. Really? Is that why Eric tweeted about it 3 days prior to the attack? Is that why he bragged about it to his millionaire and billionaire friends at the New Year’s Eve party at Mar-A-Lago that resulted in stocks for Lockheed Martin skyrocketing afterwards? Some might call that insider trading. You know, the same thing that Martha Stewart went to prison for? He felt it necessary to notify Putin of the impending attack but not Congress? Come to find out, the killing of Soleimani was approved SEVEN MONTHS AGO, but he and his administration proclaimed “imminent threat?” Even Republicans came out of the briefing angry and disgusted, alleging that the evidence of an imminent attack just weren’t there and they were told not to discuss anything dealing with Iran because it would only embolden them (Iran). Trump himself later said in an interview that he carried through with the attack because he was being pressured by Republican Senators whose support he needed for the upcoming impeachment trial. Let me reiterate what a majority of the U.S. population is upset over. NOT that Soleimani is dead – but that protocol wasn’t followed and lies were told about the reasons. Furthermore, in his rally in Toledo, Ohio just this past week, he stood before the crowd and disclosed how the operation went down and why, claiming that 4 embassies had been targeted. Again, there is NO intel to support such a dangerous lie. Lie after lie has been told by Trump, Esper, and Pompeo, so it’s really difficult to believe a word they say, especially when they keep changing their stories over and over.

UKRAINE – READ THE TRANSCRIPT!!! I would love to!! When are they going to release it? Because what has been released to the public is NOT a transcript. It is a MEMCON, a memorandum of conversation, which only highlights specific talking points of a conversation, NOT ver batim what was said. I have a funny feeling that if the the entire transcript were released, a lot of supporters would change their minds about what really transpired. If you don’t believe that, then please explain to me why it was necessary to put a transcript of a conversation onto a secret server that’s meant to store highly classified information, with top secret security clearance that only about 5 people can access? What’s so top secret about a telephone conversation? Could it be because every single person involved in that phone call knew that what Trump did was a crime and against the law? He extorted a foreign ally, withholding Congressionally approved military funds until the President of Ukraine committed himself to investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Let me put that in layman’s terms. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, withheld much needed military funds from Ukraine until the President of Ukraine AGREED to conduct investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden, AMERICANS and his political rival, so tell me, who would that benefit? Trump, of course. Extortion by any other name is….well, it’s still extortion and that is a felonious crime.

IMPEACHMENT – Everyone seems to have an opinion about why Nancy Pelosi chose to hold onto the articles of Impeachment and not send them to Mitch McConnell immediately. I’m not a Democrat but I most certainly support her decision to do so. Afterall, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and several other Republicans stated publically that they had no intentions of conducting a fair trial and didn’t want witness testimony or evidence. Say what my brother? How many trials have you ever seen or been involved in that didn’t include witness testimony or evidence of the crime committed? The answer is none because that type of trial simply doesn’t exist. This administration has done nothing BUT obstruct Congress by forbidding witnesses to testify and ignoring legal subpoenas, or the White House/Trump decrying “executive privilege.” Let me tell you something, folks. Take this for what it’s worth, but if I was being accused of something that I KNEW I wasn’t guilty of, I couldn’t testify or gather evidence that would exonerate me fast enough!!! I would gladly turn over anything that was being requested that would prove my innocence, but that’s certainly not the case here. So I must ask, what are they hiding? Why is the Trump administration so adamant about preventing witnesses from testifying? What is it that they don’t want the American public to hear or see? In short – the truth! There is no other reason to hide evidence. Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is NOT acting like someone who is innocent. Need I say more?

TAX RETURNS – I still have a problem with the fact that he has refused to release his tax returns or financial statements, even though during his campaign, he said he would most definitely turn them over because “he was transparent and wanted people to see them.” While I understand that it is not a requirement, he is however, the first President who has ever refused to do so. Where are they and what are they hiding?

GOLFING – Over and over he bashed Obama for playing golf. During his campaign, he made statements such as, “I would never want to play golf,” “I would never want to leave the White House…why would I?” His supporters might quip, “so what? He works hard and he deserves a vacation.” Ummm, you might want to check out how many days thus far he’s spent golfing at one of his own properties. Which is what brings me to my next point, one that it seems to me a lot of his supporters either don’t understand, or simply don’t care. Whenever Trump goes golfing, it is ALWAYS at one of his own resorts. To do so, this requires the accompaniment of secret service and other government officials, and if he’s at Mara-A-Lago, the Coast Guard is hired to patrol the shoreline. These fees add up – BIG TIME!!! As of January 1, 2020, the total amount of YOUR tax dollars spent at Trump properties was near $4 million, and another $400,000 for golf cart rentals. If all of that money is paid to Trump Properties, exactly who do you think is benefiting from it and pocketing the money? Trump, of course. The same man, who only a month ago, was court ordered to pay a $2 million fine for the misuse and misappropriation of charity funds, resulting in him nor his children ever being allowed to be a part of another charity. The same man who stood on stage at one of his rallies and proclaimed, “whoever heard of Emoluments?” Well, sir, only anyone who has ever taken the time to read the Constitution. Perhaps you should try it sometime. Whenever I see shared posts about him donating his salary, I always chuckle and think, “he ought to since he’s used $5 million dollars of your tax money on entertainment alone!” And to think, there are several hard-working Americans who can’t even afford the price of a movie ticket!

HIS HEALTH – He slurs his words, constantly sniffs, has dilated pupils, loses track of what he was saying and goes off in a totally different direction on a totally different subject as if he forgot what he was talking about. I say this because it is quite concerning, not as a debasement. I truly believe he has a neurological problem that should be looked into immediately. It should be demanded that he seek medical attention and forego a complete neurological examination. If that was MY daddy standing on stage saying and doing the things he does, I would have already intervened and had him analyzed. Unfortunately, it has been accepted as normal behavior by a man who goes on crazed tirades against his enemies/opponents, bashes anyone who speaks out against him by calling them names. A man with behavior this erratic should NOT have access to the nuclear codes, and that alone should scare the crap out of everyone!

So, go ahead and tell me about this great economy, even though plants are shutting down and people are losing their jobs, or one person is working three of those newly posted jobs in order to feed their kids and pay the rent. Or farmers receiving bailouts because they lost their crops due to Trump’s tariff wars. Tell me about that economy that was already striving when Trump took office. Go ahead and tell me about the jobs report or how well the stock market is doing. Go ahead and tell me that it’s okay for immigrant children to be separated from their parents and locked in cages because Obama did it, too. (But Obama didn’t have Stephen Miller!) Go ahead and tell me that at least Obama didn’t send plane fulls of cash to the Iranians (which is a lie, by the way. Look it up!) Go ahead and tell me how corrupt Hillary Clinton is because of Benghazi or Uranium 1. But please, by all means, don’t tell me that Trump’s the best President this country has ever had, because he is NOT. He isn’t even close. And do, by all means, ignore all of his criminality and corruption while you’re pointing out what every other President has done wrong, in order to justify why you stand by him and continue to support him and his criminal behavior.

But do NOT tell me that I’m unpatriotic because I refuse to show my support for a lying, cheating, law-breaking, corrupt criminal whose only concern is himself and how he can benefit monetarily from the Presidency. If you think that man makes a decision without first determining how it benefits him and what he can get out it, think again. This is a man who would sacrifice his own children to save his hide and has, in fact, thrown many of his “at one time” supporters and allies under the bus to distance himself from them when the fire was getting hot around them. ONLY he tells the truth…everyone else, including every single person inside every single governmental institution, every single law enforcement officer inside every single law enforcement agency, every single journalist from every single news outlet – they’re all lying just to make him look bad. Every single newspaper and news channel reports fake news on him because they don’t like him or the way that he does things. “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO TRUMP.”

Go ahead and tell me all those things, all the reasons why you love this man and absolutely think he’s the best thing since sliced bread – but do NOT ask me to trade my morals, integrity or self-worth for the likes of a person such as Donald Trump. It will NEVER happen, and I will defend my beliefs until I take my last breath. One serious question I would love to be able to ask all of his supporters is this….are YOU willing to trade in your morals, your values, your self-worth, your integrity – all for the likes of this ONE man because you believe he may have done one or two things that are great for this country? If not, why are so many of his supporters so defensive of him, and so quick and eager to bounce on anyone who opposes him? Because you are on opposite sides doesn’t justify violent or hateful actions or words. Keep your beliefs and believe in what you believe in, but at the same time, don’t tread on the beliefs of others simply because their’s doesn’t align with yours.

Here’s a tidbit of information that someone might need to hear – it’s OKAY to be a Republican and NOT support Donald Trump. I AM!!! Doing so does NOT mean you’re a Hillary fan or supporter, nor does it mean that you’re a libtard, a DemoRAT, a snowflake, a liberal or any other hateful name that Trump supporters want to spew out to those who aren’t supporters.

It means that YOU are an American with morals and scruples choosing to stand beside your Country instead of your Party – and you can NEVER go wrong when you go in that direction.

God Bless America and all who dwell within Her walls…

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Glenda Norwood Petz

7 thoughts on “Why Do Good, Decent and Moral People Continue to Support and Defend Donald Trump?

  1. Glenda I am not America, but Canadian by Citizenship from the United Kingdom… I have been reading your new post and congratulate you for standing up and denying this man – I will be reading your post fully, when I have more time. Although my husband “sort of” supports Trump I totally disagree with him, but would not voice my opinion to him.

    I will comment fully when I have had more time and respond privately.

    We in Canada, have similar problems, but ours is because of someone who is riding on his father’s coat-tails, as it were, and is also not adult enough to be able to support wrongdoing in Ontario which has not helped the rest of Canada to make their own decisions about their own Provinces.

    Well Done and thank you as always.

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  2. Maybe you could square your opinion with the fact that Christians and especially Evangelicals overwhelmingly support the president which naturally includes his moral stances on things like life, American sovereignty, the Constitution, standing with Police and the Military, defending all religious rights, energy independence, and giving Ukraine javelins instead of speeches…


  3. From my childhood on, I learned to think for myself, though thinking for yourself is a difficult road at times, for you’re living by your own experiences, understanding, and questioning others which doesn’t always endear you to them except for the ones who appreciate individuality and real understanding.
    I don’t endeavor to change others’ minds. I also know the tricks and rhetoric people who “don’t really think for themselves in that they either can’t or will not self-examine their own thinking use. So, in my comments, I care nothing for the use of barbs and darts, rhetoric, or what other method people use who disagree or have a differing point of view. But they will come.
    Over time, through thinking for ourselves, learning, reading, listening, watching, and more, we’ve come to understand our Constitution, what led to the Revolutionary War, and the history surrounding. We’ve also come to understand the different types of government and what led to them. And we see what is happening in this country and the reasons why, which is complex in that many facets are involved, but simple in understanding, as we realize many people don’t truly think for themselves, aren’t willing to follow the rabbit down the entire trail, and of course, many are simply too busy being responsible, which we hope others will do this kind of work, which many are doing and more are beginning.
    Okay, this was a little background. We don’t think our President is perfect. We know there are things we disagree. But far and large, he’s done much more for this country, turning around the destructions of the past, and bringing forth respect among other countries. He’s done this without flinching, staying the course, and moving in the direction of real positive changes. An imperfect man, he understands the job but also the problems that will occur if he and others don’t start the tide of positive change. He understands what would have happened had he not taken the responsibility. And based upon the constant attacks from almost every direction, by his presence, he revealed how deep America’s problems run. And he understands more now what’s at stake. And that’s happening. Many church going people see this. And I’ve heard some say they prayed for exactly the positive changes that have occurred. One explained the good Lord is working through him. To many church going people, this makes sense. For some have reasoned that a man could not have endured all of this without guidance.
    There is much more necessary. And this will take time. The American people must come together, supporting the Constitution, which includes supporting religion in all walks of life, also in schools. For young people, their religion gives them hope when times are difficult. There is more, but I will wait for responses and encourage others to truly think for themselves.

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