My 6th novel entitled Dream Weavers, is now available exclusively through Amazon.

In September, 1957, Philomena Borloff, along with her two children, Anastasia and Silas, disappeared from Borloff Manor without a trace and were never seen or heard from again. Citizens of Castleton, Kentucky believed her husband, Josef, murdered his family and disposed of their bodies; however, after an investigation into their disappearance produced no evidence of wrongdoing against Josef, he was never charged with a crime and continued to live alone in the home until his death sixty years later.When newcomer to Castleton, Joan Buchanan, purchases and moves into the house four years after Borloff’s death with her two children, Pietra and Chandler, and his Border Collie, Conroy, she is oblivious to any of the bleak rumors or dark history associated with it.It doesn’t take her long, however, to realize that something mysterious and baffling is taking place inside her new home. Missing and misplaced personal belongings, insect and rodent infestations, mysterious noises coming from the basement, and prophetic and hallucinogenic dreams are only the beginning of the horrors about to befall the Buchanan family. Little do they know that they’re residing in what is rumored to be the most egregiously haunted house in the state of Kentucky, and they’re about to learn the true meaning of evil and torment.

You might want to read with the lights on!!!


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