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While reading posts on one of my social media platforms a couple of weeks ago, I came across a post that stuck in my craw, and for some reason, I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  I was shocked, stunned, and mystified while reading the words, shaking my head the entire time.
The content of the post was about how this person was happy that she had a president that she could be proud of, who was all about the American people, how patriotic he was and how much he loved this country.  I had to read the post twice just to make sure I wasn’t reading a satirical piece, which then got me to thinking about a bunch of questions I’d like to ask not only her, but every single Trump supporter in the good old U.S. of A.  Therefore, I compiled a list of the ones I’d most like to have answers to.
So, tell me….
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s a serial adulterer, a self-proclaimed man-whore who has had hundreds of illicit affairs and cheated on all three of his wives, including sex with porn stars and playboy bunnies?  And that he also has/had a penchant for “younger girls?”  And by younger, I mean in their teens.
ARE YOU PROUD that he peddles that he’s “pro-life” and pushes the conspiracy that “Democrats” are all okay with late term abortions? (Which, by the way, rates a big fat 10 on the “Pants on Fire” scale!!!) Yet have you bothered to ask yourself how many abortions he’s paid for to “take care of the problem” after impregnating several of his mistresses? Let me remind you that he told Marla Maples to abort Tiffany, and the article I read put the abortions he’s paid for at right around 13!!!  Additionally, according to Jane Doe/Katie Johnson in the interview she gave to Vox, after he raped her and she asked him “what if you got me pregnant?”, he throws a couple of hundred bucks at her and tells her “to abort it.”  I am of the opinion that the majority of “pro-lifers” are actually only “pro-pregnancy and birth.”  Because once that baby is born, say, to a young working mother that can barely make ends meet while trying to care for her child and then becomes a recipient of “government handouts,” because she needs assistance, she will become the pariah that so many seem to be against and will accuse her of being a welfare momma who’s living off the system because she doesn’t want to work, when in fact, she simply can’t pay rent, utilities, feed her child AND afford daycare or a babysitter.  I should know.  I’ve walked heavily in those shoes! Which is why I am pro-choice. While abortion is certainly not something I’d do, it is also NONE of my business what another woman chooses to do with or to her own body. Whatever decisions she makes, she’s the one that has to live with them. Not you. Not me. My philosophy is, you stay out of my uterus and vagina, and I’ll stay out of yours.
ARE YOU PROUD that his wife is not only an immigrant who can barely speak English, but who brought her parents to the USA via chain migration, (you know, one of those issues that Trump railed on and on about and how against it he was), who is a former nude model depicted in multiple lesbian scenes and also a prior high-priced call girl?  And you call her classy, yet a majority of Republicans were ready to lynch Michelle Obama for wearing a sleeveless dress and scorned her for showing her bare skin and disrespecting the title she held? Some have even proclaimed that she’s classier than Jackie O…ummmmm, NOT!!
ARE YOU PROUD that, at one time, he was best friends with Jeffery Epstein and, along with his wife, attended multitudes of Epstein’s parties? Surely, you don’t think they were going for the cheese and wine, do you?
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s accused of raping a 13-year old girl when he was in his 50’s, while attending one of Epstein’s parties.  For the record, the affidavit can be found online by Googling Jane Doe VS Donald J. Trump and Jeffery Epstein. This same girl also alleged in her lawsuit that Epstein “showed her off” to Trump before assaulting her. The name she goes by now is Katie Johnson and she recorded an interview that’s about 30 minutes long detailing vividly what Donald Trump did to her before and after raping her.
ARE YOU PROUD that 20+ women have accused him of sexual assault and that he has called every single one of them a liar? If you genuinely believe that they’re ALL lying and only HE is telling you the truth, you might want to do some research into his past, starting with the Access Hollywood tape where he brags about “grabbing them by the pussy!” or “moving on her like a bitch!” or “I just start kissing on them.  I don’t even ask.”  Listen to some of his old interviews and see for yourself. Or watch a documentary about him.  There’s an excellent one on Netflix called “Trump: The American Dream.” These are all words right out of his mouth.
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s accused of raping E. Jean Carroll in a department store dressing room, leaving his DNA behind on a coat that she still owns and has gotten the court’s permission to go forward with her case, but he refuses to offer a DNA sample?  Come on, seriously?  The one thing that could actually exonerate him of the charge and he refuses to comply?  Do you honestly think an innocent man would do that?  When the allegation against him was made by Ms. Carroll, he replied, “she’s not my type,” and proceeded to slander her.  ARE YOU PROUD that the DOJ has intervened in this case to represent Trump against the libel suit filed by Ms. Carroll.  I don’t know about you, but I am NOT okay with my tax dollars paying for his defense to protect him against a crime that HE committed!!!  Why should any tax-paying American foot the bill for that?
ARE YOU PROUD that he is an obnoxious, mouthy bully who has promoted violence on multiple occasions at his rallies?  IE…knock the crap out of him, back in the day he would have been taken out on a stretcher, I’d like to punch him in the face, et.al.  Supporters will defend this by saying that he only says what he means.  No, the truth of the matter is that he is a self-centered, egotistical, hateful, and soulless person who has been a bully his entire life, including to his own siblings.  Read a book about him, for crying out loud, or watch one of the documentaries I mentioned.  Learn who the REAL Donald Trump is!!!
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s a professional conman who has cheated multitudes of people out of money by not paying his bills and refusing to pay back money to banks that he borrowed from? Let’s not forget the thousands of students he bilked out of their money with his fake university!  When contractors have sued him for the money he owes them, he filed countersuits claiming they’d done shoddy jobs, yet never had their work redone.  He has done this to multitudes of contractors.  Look up Barbara Res and see what she has to say about working with and for him, and how he handles his business deals.  Read Michael Cohen’s book and learn how he cheated a widow out of her property and her son out of his inheritance; or how he cheated Benjamin Moore out of hundreds of gallons of paint for a mistake that HE made when renovating the Doral Club in Miami.
ARE YOU PROUD that the only bank that will deal with him is Deutsche Bank, notorious for Russian money laundering and not following banking regulations?  And now they’re under investigation for their business dealings with the Trumps!
ARE YOU PROUD that both of his sons openly admitted that they don’t need to borrow money from American banks because “they get all the funding they need from Russia?”
ARE YOU PROUD that he campaigned on the promise that if elected, he’d release his taxes and his business records, yet has taken his refusal all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent either from being made public?  What is he hiding? UPDATE: On Friday, August 21, 2020, the federal appeals judge denied a stay filed with the courts and ordered Trump to turn over his taxes.
ARE YOU PROUD that he claims to be “a very stable genius” yet blocked his transcripts from ever being made public?  He’s not stable, and he’s certainly no genius.  In fact, I find him to be quite a moron with a disgusting, filthy mouth that continually projects his own shortcomings onto others because he can NEVER admit that’s he’s wrong – even when he is.
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s a failed businessman with more than 25 businesses that folded for various financial reasons, in his portfolio, including casinos, and 6 bankruptcies under his belt?  For those of you who quipped, “he’ll run the USA just like he did his businesses!”  Well, congratulations, he did exactly that…he ran it into the ground and is destroying this country a little bit more every single day.
ARE YOU PROUD of him when he belittles others, calls them names, and makes fun of them by referencing their looks and/or their weight?
ARE YOU PROUD that he has mocked a handicapped reporter with Cerebral Palsy and laughed about it, as did his hordes of supporters? Having a grandson and nephew with disabilities, I took that personally.
ARE YOU PROUD that in the Mueller Investigation, it is documented that him and his campaign had in excess of 140 contacts with Russians, Russian Oligarchs and Russian officials before, during and after his bid for office, and that there are 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice clearly laid out in the report, complete with documented verification and statute numbers? UPDATE: On Thursday, August 20, 2020, the Senate Intel Committee released their final report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and concluded that Russia did, without a doubt, interfere to assist Trump in winning. If this isn’t collusion, then what is? In case you don’t understand what this means, let me lay it out for you. The SENATE consists of REPUBLICANS…. you know, the party of Trump and his die-hard supporters.  His followers didn’t believe Mueller, who is a Republican; they didn’t believe the Democrats, and if they don’t believe this latest report, I guess it’s safe to say that they don’t believe it at all, even when the proof is laid out right in front of them.
ARE YOU PROUD that he has violated the Emoluments Clause repeatedly? He may not know what it is, (“there’s this thing called the Emoluments Clause…whoever heard of that?”).  His words not mine, but it IS in the Constitution. Look it up!
ARE YOU PROUD that he uses the office of the Presidency to line his own pockets and enrich himself, as do Jared and Ivanka?  Golfing at his own resorts, which are the only ones he goes to, generates profits for the Trump Foundation (paying Secret Service, extra security such as the U.S. Coast Guard, room rentals for the Secret Service during overnight stays of which the cost of the rooms have been doubled and tripled for these rentals).  Who did you think the profits went to? Your tax dollars are literally paying him to play golf while he makes money doing it!!!  Yes, Obama played too, although not nearly as much and definitely NOT at his own properties!  Even Jimmy Carter sold his peanut plantation to avoid a conflict of interest.
ARE YOU PROUD that he regularly has private telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin and that during these phone calls, no translators or note takers are allowed to attend?  How will we ever know what was discussed between the two or what they planned? UPDATE: Included in the Senate Intel Committee Report were copies of two letters written to Putin by Trump, both praising him, telling him what a huge fan he was of him, and inviting him to attend the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.
ARE YOU PROUD that he stood at a podium and declared that “he had no dealings with Russia,” yet, even during his campaign, he was actively seeking to build that Trump Tower Moscow that he’s been trying to build since the late 80’s? 
ARE YOU PROUD that he “fell in love” with murderous dictator Kim Jong Un and bragged about the “beautiful love letters” he received from him? Kim Jong Un has issued execution orders on his own family members!! Nice guy, hunh?
ARE YOU PROUD that because of his failure to act on the Coronavirus pandemic there are now more than 190,000 dead Americans?  For the first 3 months after learning about the virus, he denied it was a real threat, called it the next Democratic hoax, said it was 1 person coming in from China, said it was only 15 cases that would soon be down to 1, he said that it would magically disappear, he continues to say that children are immune and that is not only a lie – it is a very dangerous lie.  Not only are children and young adults NOT immune, several have died!  Were you aware that a Pandemic Response Team was in place to deal with a pandemic exactly like COVID-19 but because Obama is the one that instituted it, Trump dismantled it and also removed American scientists from a lab in China that did nothing but track and document virus outbreaks?  The outgoing Obama Administration literally conducted a mock drill with the incoming Trump Administration on how to deal with a pandemic exactly like COVID-19, but Trump’s deep hatred for Obama resulted in the plans for handling a pandemic getting tossed in the garbage.  Trump went from saying “how could we have seen this coming?” to “I knew it was a pandemic all along,” all the while continuing to deny that it even existed.  Did you know that he slashed the budget for the CDC and withdrew the USA from the WHO?  He believes his “GUT” more than he trusts qualified and lifelong scientists and doctors and we all know what that has gotten us.  Trump has, and continues to, claim that he and his administration have done a profound job of responding to the virus, although there are new cases and deaths reported every single day, millions of Americans are on unemployment, some have lost their jobs entirely, and the wearing of face masks and other protective equipment has been politicized to the point that many of his supporters and followers continue to believe the virus is a hoax, released intentionally for no other purpose than to bring down Trump!  Do you know how insanely ridiculous that sounds?  Do you honestly believe that the ENTIRE world would allow their citizens to die from a deadly virus, all in the name of American politics?
ARE YOU PROUD that he knew in February how deadly the virus was, yet did absolutely NOTHING to prevent the spread?  Since the release of Bob Woodward’s new book, “Rage,” we’re learning a lot of things that we didn’t know before.  Donald Trump participated in 18 conversations with Bob Woodward and there are more than 9 hours of audio recordings from those tapes.  Donald Trump himself told Mr. Woodward that “it is deadly, it is the plague,” all while lying to the American public about the severity of the disease, proceeding to tell Mr. Woodward that “he played it down, he always played it down.”  When the tapes began going public, his excuse was “I didn’t want to cause a panic.”  Are you freaking kidding me???  His entire reelection campaign is based on fear and panic.  Let’s not forget the “destruction of the suburbs,” “caravans of migrants,” “the Democrats are coming to take your guns,” “Mexicans are rapists and murderers,” “the hype he caused over MS-13,” and a plethora of other scare/fear tactics.  Does he really believe the American public is that dumb?  Actually, the answer to that question is yes, and he’s depending and counting on people being ignorant or numb to it.  You can say or feel whatever you want, but the truth of the matter is this:  Donald Trump, because of his lies, lack of concern and caring, downplaying a deadly virus, HE is personally responsible for all for all of these deaths of Americans.  Had he acted accordingly, there’s no telling how many of those lost lives could have been saved.  To this very day, he continues to downplay it, has his administration altering reports from the CDC to hide facts and to coincide with HIS rhetoric instead of facts from medical experts, and is holding indoor rallies where masks aren’t required (unless you’re seated right behind him and can smile for the camera!), and there is no social distancing in place.  Yet he makes fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask and following guidelines set in place by the CDC.  I am of the opinion that the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked, Donald Trump needs to be removed from office and charged with Crimes Against Humanity.  What he has done with this deadly virus is an extreme dereliction of duty, and I thoroughly believe that it is only a matter of time before lawsuits begin against him and his administration for wrongful deaths.
ARE YOU PROUD to know that you support an impeached President?  Although the Senate chose not to remove him from office, he remains impeached – FOREVER!!  And the ones who testified against him?  Colonel Alexander Vindman retired from the Military because he’d been blackballed and saw no future for him for fear that Trump would block any promotion offered to him.  Gordon Sondland was fired from his position as Ambassador to the European Union.  Marie Yovanovitch, a 30-year veteran public servant and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, was suddenly pulled from her position and under emergency precautions, was flown back to the USA because of threats made against her, threats that involved Rudy Giuliani; and during her testimony, Trump tweeted an intimidating message to her and it was read aloud to her during the trial.   And all the others?  Well, they’re all liars because only he tells the truth.  Par for the course.  But do you see the pattern here?  Those who speak the truth are punished while those who cover for him and lie for him are rewarded greatly for their LOYALTY!!!
ARE YOU PROUD that he continues to spew hateful vitriol about being “spied” on by the Obama Administration, although that theory has been debunked and disproven several times.  If you don’t think the FBI had a reason to open Crossfire Hurricane, then I highly suggest you do some research, including on Carter Page and Paul Manafort and take a look at how deeply involved in Russian activity they both were.
ARE YOU PROUD that he has absolutely no problem destroying the reputations of highly respected and qualified medical health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci because Dr. Fauci contradicted him multiple times about the false information he was feeding to the public about COVID-19? Dr. Fauci’s focus was keeping Americans safe, while Trump, being the malignant narcissist that he is, was only concerned about being right and about his public image. His behavior only incited his base, who in turn began spreading false accusations, conspiracies, and lies about Dr. Fauci, resulting in Dr. Fauci having to be assigned special security because he and his family began receiving death threats.
ARE YOU PROUD that his suggestion for treating the virus was a possible injection of disinfectants and UV rays into the human body?  Yes, he said it, on live TV, during a briefing, and said it directly to Dr. Deborah Birx.  I, along with millions of other Americans, heard him say it. He has repeatedly tried to sell to the public that hydroxychloroquine and the Z-pack are “the answer” to treating the virus although health experts, including renowned virologists and infectious disease experts said the opposite. With his most recent spokesperson, he may tell you to take 2 Oleandrine tablets, sleep on a MyPillow, and call him in the morning!  It’s really pathetic when the makers of Clorox and Lysol have to issue public statements warning that the ingestion of their products could result in death, yet several people did exactly that.
ARE YOU PROUD that he admires and cozies up to murderous dictators but has alienated every single ally the USA has and that our country has become the laughingstock of the world and they no longer see us as the strong country that we were once considered to be?  In fact, in one of the Woodward tapes, he states that, “the meaner and tougher they are, the better I get along with them.”
ARE YOU PROUD that, during a TV appearance, he said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find those 30,000 missing emails,” and less than 24 hours later, Hilary Clinton’s and John Podesta’s emails were hacked and made public?  How many times has he ranted about Hilary’s use of a private email server and that she should be imprisoned for it, but when his daughter, Ivanka, and his wife, Melania, did the exact same thing, it was swept under the rug?  No big deal, right?
ARE YOU PROUD that he stood on the stage in Helsinki next to Vladimir Putin and threw his own intelligence community under the bus by taking Putin’s word about election interference over his own American intelligence experts?  How embarrassing to even see that clip!  It’s also extremely shameful.  He looked like a whipped puppy when he walked out of that room with Putin.  But Putin was smiling – BIGLY!!
ARE YOU PROUD that he had peacefully protesting Americans gassed in Lafayette Square outside of St. John’s Episcopal Church just for a photo-op in front of the church holding a Bible (upside down) that he can’t recite one book or one verse out of?  Unless, of course, you include TWO Corinthians!  Let me tell you how he feels about God and Christianity.  At a prayer meeting inside the White House with Paula White and many others in attendance, they gathered around him and prayed for him with a laying-on of hands.  Later, he laughed about it and stated, “Can you believe that shit?  Can you believe that people really believe in that shit?”  He also uses the G.D. word quite a bit and was actually called out about it by a Christian group when he used it during a speech.
ARE YOU PROUD that he is/was associated with the New York Mafia and took that mob mentality into the White House with him? Where do you think he met Roy Cohn, who was the most notorious mob attorney in New York before his death?
ARE YOU PROUD that several members of his Administration have been incarcerated for committing crimes WHILE working for him? No? Allow me to name them for you: Carter Page, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadapolous, and most recently, Steve Bannon. And let’s not forget about Michael Cohen. Although not a member of the Trump administration, he WAS Trump’s “thug, personal attorney and fixer,” (his words, not mine), for more than 10 years. You honestly think this man doesn’t know “where the bodies are buried????”
ARE YOU PROUD that a huge percentage of the COVID relief package went to his family and friends to bail them out instead of assisting small businesses to prevent them from going bankrupt?  By the way, several of them DID and many businesses had to shut their doors permanently! This is the reason why he wanted full control over the purse strings with no accountability for expenditures.
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s doing everything he can to STEAL the 2020 election by appointing Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General, a man who has no experience at all, but who is a mega donor to Trump?  DeJoy has proceeded to cut all overtime, remove mail sorting machines from post offices, and mailboxes off the streets.  Surely, you don’t believe this to be coincidental? In addition to voter suppression, he is also claiming that “the only way he can lose the next election is if it’s rigged.” He is literally spreading a LIE that the Democrats are actively trying to rig the election, all while HE’S the one guilty of this!!  The move to sabotage the postal service was done so with tunnel vision, the only concern in sight being mail-in votes. What WASN’T considered was the amount of medications, checks and bills that rely on the USPS every single day and have resulted in elderly veteran’s not receiving their meds in a timely manner, some of them being life dependent drugs. News reports have broken recently about thousands of baby chicks dying because of the mail delay, chicks ordered by farmers that never made it there. Food rotting in packages. Mail lying around on tables and floors in bundles. Is this acceptable to you?  Oh yeah, that’s right, but Obama…while it’s true that somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000-14,000 mailboxes were removed during the Obama presidency, they were NOT removed only months before a major election.  In fact, of all the research I did on this subject, not one article alluded to the fact that it was done for political reasons.  Don’t believe me?  Then do your own research!
ARE YOU PROUD that he rails against allowing American citizens voting by mail during a worldwide pandemic yet does the exact same thing himself?  He, his family, and his entire administration votes by mail.  Go ahead and tell the Military that they can no longer vote.  For some reason, he believes that mail in votes and absentee ballots are different things, but they’re NOT! It’s good enough for him and his, but not for the average American citizen? And contrary to what he is feeding his base, photo I.D. is required for both, as are signature comparisons.
ARE YOU PROUD that he constantly rants about certain news channels and newspapers being “the enemy of the people,” because their stories don’t always paint him in such a good light, but because Fox News panders to him, they’re simply the best!  His rhetoric has resulted in violence against some reporters, including the deaths of some. 
ARE YOU PROUD that, according to his first wife, Ivana, he kept a copy of Mein Kampf on his bedside table and read from it every single night? A dictator in the making even then, he has advanced over time. And if you think this man doesn’t want to be a dictator, consider the things he does and says….hinting at being President for life, discrediting every single institution within our government and causing his followers to no longer trust or believe in them, has his base convinced that there is a “deep state” that’s out to get him, claiming that all journalistic outlets are “the enemy of the people,” inciting and promoting violence. He desperately desires to be exactly like his idols Putin and Kim.  I guess you could say that he’s learning from the best.  Let me tell you something, people.  Authoritarianism doesn’t happen overnight.  You don’t just blink, and poof, it’s there!  No.  It occurs over a period of time by testing the norms and seeing what one can get away with, and if that is successful, they move on to the next step.  Before you know it, people accept what is happening as normal and go with the flow, never speaking up or speaking out.  THAT, my friends, is how autocracy develops.  That is why I will NEVER stay silent.
ARE YOU PROUD that he refers to Senators and certain news personalities by derogatory names?  I.E. Pocahontas, Crazy Nancy, Sleepy Joe Biden, Sleepy Chuck Todd, Ditzy Mika, et.al.  It’s both immature and childish, yet typical bully behavior.
ARE YOU PROUD that, without an ounce of evidence or proof, he accuses others of committing crimes and constantly harps that they should be locked up, all while dismissing the multitudes of crimes that he and his family have committed?  By the way, this is called projection and is usually prevalent with malignant narcissists because they can NEVER accept responsibility or admit that they’re ever wrong. Remember how his supporters chanted at rallies to, “lock her up?” Seems to me that the only ones that got locked up were all part of the Trump Administration!
ARE YOU PROUD that the moment he’s no longer in office and becomes a regular citizen, the Southern District of New York has more than 15 warrants waiting to be served on him?  Which is why he’ll do whatever it takes, including lying, cheating, and stealing, to win reelection because he knows that, as a private citizen, he’ll no longer have protection and will likely go to prison. It is my prediction that if/when he’s no longer POTUS and has inflicted as much damage upon our country as he possibly can, he will DEFECT to Russia, where I believe he already has a deal with Putin to remain protected, and will possibly sell top government secrets in exchange for that protection, because Russia does not have an extradition treaty with the USA and thus, he will never serve a day in prison for the multitudes of crimes that he’s committed.  And trust me when I tell you that he’s a lifelong criminal.  He’s just never been caught!
ARE YOU PROUD that he is a pathological and compulsive liar and currently has more than 20,000 documented lies or mistruths in just 14 months.  He lies about the simplest of things when telling the truth would be so much easier.  He just says whatever pops into his head, regardless of whether it’s true or not.  In actuality, he lives in an alternate reality where he totally believes that everything he says IS the truth – even when it isn’t.
ARE YOU PROUD that he approved payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal prior to the election to keep them quiet about the affairs he had with them? UPDATE: On Saturday, August 22, 2020, a California judge ordered Trump to pay all legal fees for Stephanie Clifford AKA Stormy Daniels regarding her non-disclosure agreement. Let me give you a little lesson on the law. There is NO judge on the face of this planet who would have ordered such without bona fide proof that an affair occurred, i.e. photos, videos, audio recordings.
ARE YOU PROUD that he finally got his “Roy Cohn” when he hired William Barr as the Attorney General?  In that position, whoever is appointed is there to work for the American people, NOT the POTUS.  Somewhere along the way, Barr got his priorities skewed. One example is his willingness to involve himself in the case involving Roger Stone, which is now under investigation for the sentencing involved. It is also being reported in a new book that he personally spoke to Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, and instructed him to “muzzle” Judge Napolitano because he was critical of Trump.  Again, silencing the truth.
ARE YOU PROUD that he fought to keep Roger Stone out of prison and then pardoned him for the atrocious crimes that he committed, including being a liaison between Trump and WikiLeaks, and helping to coordinate and release Hilary Clinton’s hacked emails.  Stone recently suggested to Trump that if he should lose reelection, he should, “invoke martial law and take back control.”  How’s that for democracy?
ARE YOU PROUD that he fights for and applauds those who speak up for, defend, and praise him, yet the ones who speak out against him are basically thrown into a woodchipper?  For example, take a look at the difference between the way Michael Cohen was treated compared to Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.  You honestly think for one second that a man who was Trump’s thug, personal attorney and fixer for more than 10 years doesn’t know anything about him, how he operates and/or runs his businesses, or that anything negative he has to say about Trump is just retaliation?  Could his knowledge possibly have anything to do with the Trump Administration doing everything within their power to silence him?  This is a man who, at one time, stated that he would take a bullet for Mr. Trump, but when he needed Trump to help him, he hung him out to dry instead!
ARE YOU PROUD that he bragged about acing a cognitive test and was so proud of himself for being able to repeat 5 words?  Person. Man. Woman. TV. Camera.  Some may laugh at this but it’s no laughing matter that he doesn’t realize that a cognitive test is given to people who are suspected of experiencing symptoms of dementia or the early onset of Alzheimer’s. On multiple occasions, I personally have witnessed this man lose his train of thought while talking, jerk uncontrollably, slur his words, and mispronounce words, even easy ones. If this were my father displaying this type of behavior, he would have already been taken in for neurological testing!!!  But by all means, let’s keep talking about Joe Biden having dementia and being unable to speak a coherent sentence!
ARE YOU PROUD that he is openly and blatantly a racist?  Take a look at his past and the way he conducted his rental business, marking applications of those with dark colored skin to prevent them from being able to rent from him.  We’re not going to forget his birtherism conspiracy against Barack Obama, are we?  He’s doing it again with Kamala Harris, an American born citizen, and Joe Biden by proclaiming that he wasn’t born in Pennsylvania simply because he left there when he was 8 years old!!!  Newsflash – that doesn’t change the fact that he was born there!  And the last time I checked, Oakland was in California and California IS part of the United States. Then again, Trump has shown more than once that he isn’t geographically-inclined (asking if Finland was part of Russia, referring to “their” president when speaking about Puerto Rico). What about the Central Park 5? He took out a full page ad in the New York Times about the crime, basically calling for their lynching. Even when the five gentlemen were cleared of the charges with DNA evidence, Trump STILL proclaimed that they were guilty because he “FELT” it. Screw the science, trust that gut! Are you proud that the decision to take immigrant children from their parents was decided by “a show of hands vote,” led by Stephen Miller, who proceeded to tell the attendees that if they didn’t vote for the policy, the country they were familiar with would no longer exist. To this day, there are still children separated from their parents and in cages, likely to never see them again since there was no tracking system in place.  Multiple reports have been filed alleging sexual abuse against them by ICE and Border Patrol agents. Welcome to Trump’s Hateful, White America!!!  A report was released on September 15, 2020 from a whistle blower alleging that multiple women and young girls in a Georgia immigration center had been given hysterectomies without knowing it was going to happen.  Also included in the complaint was the fact that they’re not being tested for the virus nor receiving the medical care they need.  This is so inhumane that it is disgusting!
ARE YOU PROUD that American taxpayers have paid in excess of $140,000,000 alone for nothing other than his golfing trips?  Can YOU afford to take a vacation that costs that much?  Therefore, he SHOULD donate his salary because by my calculations, he’s spent several years’ worth of salaries for his own personal pleasure.  Keep in mind that your tax dollars have also paid for pleasure trips for his children.  Don, Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle recently took a trip to Paris, paid for by YOUR tax dollars.  Let’s not forget those hunting trips for Jr. and Eric to go on safaris and shoot exotic animals because they’re proud trophy hunters.  If you don’t have a problem with that, you should!
ARE YOU PROUD that since Donald Trump took office, America’s national debt has increased by $6.6 TRILLION?
ARE YOU PROUD that Trump has invited Vladimir Putin to the White House and wants the meeting to take place prior to the November election?  That action gets a big fat WHY from me!!
ARE YOU PROUD that unidentified secret police were sent into cities and were reported to be abducting protesters off the streets and taking them to undisclosed locations?  This is something done in communist countries, NOT in the USA!!!
ARE YOU PROUD that he nor a single member of his family have ever served one day in the military, and that he got 5 deferments to avoid being drafted, citing bone spurs, but when asked by a reporter at a briefing which foot it was, he couldn’t even remember? And a quick reminder that “his own personal Viet Nam was ensuring that he didn’t contract a venereal disease.”  He may verbally tell you that he respects the military but calling them “losers” and “suckers” is NOT my idea of respect.  Several members of my family served in the military and not a single one of them is either of these vile names.  And if you think for one second that he didn’t say this, you might want to think back on the times he has called people losers.  He even calls his own son, Jr., a loser and dumb.  No one will ever convince me that he DIDN’T say it!
ARE YOU PROUD that several members of his administration were appointed their jobs based on how much money they donated to him and how well they kiss his butt and NOT because of experience?  Anyone who defies him or speaks against him can certainly count on NOT having their jobs for long afterwards, because NO ONE contradicts Donald Trump and gets away with it!
ARE YOU PROUD of the multiple “Friday Night Massacres” this Administration has partaken in?  Firing Attorneys General for no other reason than because they were involved one way or another in investigations against HIM.
ARE YOU PROUD that he has absolutely no respect whatsoever for women, especially smart and powerful ones, and has referred to a majority of them as NASTY but wished Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein’s girlfriend and recruiter of young girls for his sexual pleasure) well after her arrest.  Next time you see him deboarding Air Force One, tell me if he’s escorting Melania down the stairs or if he leaves her behind – or if SHE slaps his hand away when he tries to hold it. While you’re at it, go ahead and tell me how many pictures you’ve ever seen of him with his kids, except for the extremely uncomfortable ones of him and Ivanka, which brings me to the things he’s said about her. “Look at the body on her,” “the thing we have in common is sex,” “if she weren’t my daughter, I’d probably be dating her.” What the hell kind of father says things like that about his OWN daughter????
ARE YOU PROUD that he looked up at the sky, raised his arms, and proclaimed, “I am the chosen one?”  As a Christian woman, I find that statement and action to be quite blasphemous, as it should be to everyone else proclaiming to be one.
ARE YOU PROUD that you think or believe that Trump is a Christian or a man of God, yet he has stated that he has never asked for God’s forgiveness because he doesn’t think it’s necessary.  Gee, that’s not what I’ve always been taught.
ARE YOU PROUD that, even after learning that Russia had put bounties on the heads of American soldiers, he still refuses to confront Putin over it and called it “fake news?”  His favorite go-to phrase. We’ve recently learned that Iran did the exact same thing, yet, he remains silent.
ARE YOU PROUD that he proclaims to be a man of law and order but has violated the law more times than I can count? Think about how many were subpoenaed to testify during the impeachment trial and defied them, refusing to comply with a legal document. Think about how many others were told to ignore theirs. You think a subpoena isn’t important? Next time you receive a summons to report for jury duty, wad it up and throw it in the trash and refuse to go. Let me know how long it takes for a bench warrant to be issued on you and how many days of jail time you’re sentenced to.  If he truly were a man of law and order, he’d show his support for the FBI, CIA, and all other government institutions instead of constantly bashing them and their employees.  Additionally, a member of his administration, Michael Caputo, recently made a statement encouraging Trump supporters to be ready for a “call to arms,” and purchase ammunition now because come election time, there won’t be any left.  Sounds to me as if he’s inciting civil unrest and encouraging violence against non-Trump supporters.  How’s that for law and order?
ARE YOU PROUD that he’s suggesting permanently doing away with the payroll tax deductions if reelected?  Do you have any idea what that means?  Payroll tax deductions are what funds Social Security and Medicare, and if it’s eliminated, so will your benefits be, and it won’t take long for the funds that are there now to be completely depleted (roughly between 2021-2023).  This may not sound like a big deal to those of you who are young, still able to work, and won’t be looking at retirement for many years to come, but if this tax is taken away, you can kiss your retirement goodbye and be ready to work for the remainder of your natural life.  It also means that those who are now on Social Security, Disability or receive Medicare, and this is your only means of income, you won’t have it long because there won’t be any money left to fund it.  I, like many other Americans, do rely on my Social Security and it is my only means of income.  It is NOT a handout or an entitlement.  I worked my whole dang life donating to that fund.  Are you seriously okay with this?
These are just some of the issues I find extremely repulsive and UN-Presidential-like.  I could write page after page because there’s so much more. Additionally, none of these are my opinions…they’re all facts, easily verifiable by using your Google machine and conducting some research of your own.  That is, of course, only if you want to know the truth.  I’ve learned over the past 4 years that most of his supporters don’t want to know.
I know that a lot of people who read my posts and my blogs think that I hate Donald Trump, but that isn’t true.  I don’t hate anyone.  I never have.  In fact, I don’t even know what it feels like to hate someone because I’ve never experienced that feeling.  I do, however, hate the things he does and says and that will never change.  There isn’t a day of my life that goes by that I’m not stunned or stumped or confused as to how anyone with an ounce of integrity, scruples, or morals can continue to stand by and support this man in light of everything he’s done and said.  I know that it’s likely impossible to ever change the minds of Trump supporters and make them see the man for what he truly is, no more than they’ll ever change my mind and make me like or support him.  But even that won’t stop me from stating how I feel and what I think.  If I hurt feelings or step on some toes along the way, it isn’t intentional.  I’ve lost friends because of my stance, gotten into my share of cyber disagreements, even so, I refuse to remain silent.  I have a voice and the right to use it.  And I will.
As a lifelong Republican myself, I feel comfortable in making the following statement:  how pathetically sad it is for Republicans to hate Democrats and the Democratic Party so much that they’re willing to accept someone of Donald Trump’s character, or lack thereof, a man who has no sympathy, empathy, compassion, understanding, heart, warmness, kindness, willingness to accept or admit that he makes mistakes or that he was wrong about a particular subject – and proclaim that he’s the best president this country has ever had.  No, he isn’t.  He is NOT a good president and he’s an even worse human being!  A good and decent president would address the issues at hand – foreign interference in our elections, uniting our country and her people, not threaten to cut off funding for “blue” states and only help the “red” ones.  He/she would address the seriousness of the pandemic and would implement proper safety procedures and encourage Americans to wear their masks and practice social distancing.  They wouldn’t lie and incite distrust in our voting system and spread untruthful propaganda about a rigged election.  But Donald Trump is doing NONE of that and that is because he is simply a horrible, horrible person.  I would NEVER associate with someone like him in my personal life, nor would I EVER respect someone like him, regardless of their political party.  I have no use for hatefulness, liars, fear mongers, or hypocrisy.  Not in him nor anyone else.  If you can’t speak the truth to me the first time around, then keep your mouth shut.
Are any or all of these things mentioned above okay with you as you faithfully stand by Trump and the Republican party?  Do you not have a problem with his behavior, his attitude, his rhetoric, his actions? Okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt by saying it’s possible that you didn’t know much about him prior to voting for him, except maybe knowing that he was on The Apprentice. But in the nearly four years he’s been in office, surely you’ve come to learn all of this, possibly even more, unless you’re simply not paying attention or don’t want to know the truth about him. If that’s so, do you remain a staunch supporter of this man and plan on voting for him again?  The difference between us at this point is that I’ve known who he was since the late 80’s, and from the very first time I heard him speak in an interview, my first thought was, “what a pompous, arrogant ass!”  Remember, I’m a native Floridian and Trump spent a LOT of time in Florida at Mar-A-Lago.  There was a time when he kept the headlines hot at the Palm Beach Post and other local papers, so I was quite familiar with who and what he was.  It didn’t affect me then because he was just someone I read about in the papers and saw on television.  That’s all different now.  Everything he does and says affects me – and it affects you as well.
But if you ARE okay with any or all of it, if you were aware of the type of person he was before throwing your support behind him and voting for him and are planning on continuing to stand by him because he’s a Republican and you hate Democrats more, then don’t you EVER question my patriotism again, or call me a liberal, or a snowflake, or Un-American, or a libtard, or a Trump hater, or any other hateful name that you can come up with because I refuse to support someone of his caliber. This man represents everything that I stand against. The Republican Party that exists now is NOT the party that I belonged to and it has become one that I’m extremely ashamed of.  It is now the Party of Trump and is extremely cult-like in nature. By that, I mean that in the eyes of his supporters, he is the ONLY one that speaks the truth to them and everyone else are just misinformed liars who are trying to bring him down. I suppose it’s a tough job to be on a mission to save the children from blood sucking, Hollywood celebrity cannibals who met in the basement of PizzaGate while packaging children in Wayfair cabinets and getting them ready to be shipped out to pedophiles!!!!!  Just remember this one thing.  Donald Trump was a DEMOCRAT for many years before switching parties to get on the Republican ticket to run for the Presidency.  Apparently, at one time, he didn’t think the Democrats were so bad!
I think the ones that bother me the most are Christians, or those who proclaim to be one but yet have no problem with anything this man does or says and get upset with those who do have the nerve to call him out and speak the truth.  I’ve always thought that Christians were representatives of what’s good and kind, honest and loving.  I never thought I’d see so many support such abhorrent behavior all in the name of a political party.  Let me tell you something.  It wouldn’t matter to me WHO this was, male or female, black or white, Republican or Democrat, disgusting behavior is the same no matter who’s exhibiting it, and as the President of the United States, it is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! 
To me, being patriotic means standing beside your country, NOT your party or your President, especially when that President is extremely unpresidential, and that’s exactly how I see him.
Two important things that I value most about myself are my integrity and my morals, and I’m not willing to sacrifice either for anyone or anything, no matter what, and I will fight to the death to defend and protect what I believe in.
I love my country with all of my heart, and I am extremely saddened by what we have become.  I have never seen divisiveness on such a grand scale as I do every day currently.  Friends ending years’ long friendships, children refusing to speak to their parents, siblings wanting nothing to do with each other, couples separating and/or divorcing – all because they’re on opposite sides of the political spectrum.  When did that become okay?  When did we lose our sense of humanity?  When did it become okay to treat each other like garbage?
We are a nation divided, a country in excruciating pain, begging, and screaming out for healing.  Families need to be reunited.  Relationships need to be mended.  Love, not hate, needs to be spread around in large doses because a lot of hearts, homes and relationships need it.
Do I dislike others because they support Trump?  Of course not!  I’m much more mature than that.  But I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that I don’t understand how, in light of everything he has done and said, they can still continue to trust, support, and believe in him.  Here’s a little tidbit of information you may or may not know…it’s okay to be a Republican and NOT support the one holding office, even if he/she is also a Republican.  It doesn’t make you any less patriotic, it doesn’t mean you’re changing or are disloyal to your party or supporting the opposite party.  It just means that you disagree or have a problem with the way in which the office holder conducts him/herself, whether it be the way he/she talks, the things he/she says, or the way he/she treats our allies.  On the other hand of this topic, I have had friends that I’ve known for years tell me that they just couldn’t be friends with me anymore because I didn’t support Trump and/or didn’t see things their way.  These were people who knew me personally, have been inside my home, eaten at my table, but suddenly, I’m “just not who they thought I was?”  Seriously?  I mean, it’s one thing if a Facebook friend says or does it because they don’t know me as a person, only what they see and read on social media.  But when someone that has been close to you does something like this, the cut is deep and extremely painful.
I would like to be able to say that none of this really matters to me, but it does, because I care.  Not just about my country, but for her inhabitants, no matter the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual preferences, or anything else that makes them different from me.
And until and unless we can regain our human decency and compassion, we are bound to implode and self-destruct.
I will always choose love over hate, kind words over debasement, encouragement over criticism, but I also will continue to stand up for what I believe in, defend my morals and integrity, and go to bat for the little guy.  And that, my friends, is why I cannot, and will not, EVER support the likes of a person like Donald Trump.  It’s just that simple.
That’s who I am.  And I’m proud to be me.

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