Preternatural events are taking place worldwide. Earthquakes in improbable locations, catastrophic hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and a deadly plague known as The Reaper is spreading globally, leaving millions of victims in its wake, and an entire nation stunned and horrified because no explanations for the substantial number of deaths is being offered. All information related to the origin and magnitude of the virus is being concealed from the public by top government officials at the orders of Lucius Maximus, the President of the United States. Not because he doesn’t want to alarm them about the disease’s mortality rate, but because he and his Vice President, Greg Coates, have been assigned a mission by those they serve.Fay Bennett, a reporter for the Washington Chronicle, receives a phone call from Odessa Maximus, First Lady, requesting an on the record interview. During the meeting, she informs Fay that she isn’t who everyone thinks she is and that she was hired to fill the position of Lucius’s wife. Odessa discloses frightening information about Lucius and his involvement in questionable activities, including murder and a secretive mission called Operation Wormwood. In the course of her investigation, Fay uncovers evidence that implicates Lucius in the intentional release of a mutated, deadlier variant of the virus and confronts him about the allegations at a press briefing. After denying all accusations, to silence her, he calls for her arrest, forcing her into exile to avoid imprisonment on false charges, leaving her to question whether he’s a vile and evil man abusing his executive power for the sake of retaliation, a foreign adversary that has infiltrated American government with a mission to destroy the United States, or if he’s who Odessa truly believes him to be–the Anti-Christ.



I began writing this book prior to the pandemic, including my characters, plot, and story outline. An actual pandemic provided me with more content and details than I could have ever imagined.

I hope every reader enjoys delving into these pages as much as I loved writing it. Don’t forget to leave your review at Amazon. They help other readers decide if they want to read it as well.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I love hearing from my readers.

Take care.


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