I recently received a 1-star review for the audible edition of my most recent novel, Thy Kingdom Come. And to be honest, at first I was extremely upset over it. As an author, I know that there isn’t a writer on earth who can please everyone every time, but all writers can please at least one person some of the time. I kept going back to Audible and reading what this person had to say. The more I read it, the less upset I became because it made me examine not only my writing, but the reason I wrote the book in the first place. So you can better understand why his unkind words upset me, this is what he wrote: “Author has a serious case of TDS. Lame story and the narrator sounds like a feeble old woman. Wasted a credit on this one.”

First of all, I had to ask what TDS was because I wasn’t sure what it meant. When I did find out, it made me ask even more questions that I’ll get to in a minute. Um, I narrated the book and I can assure you that I am not a feeble old woman, nor is the story lame. I concluded that if the listener truly thought I suffered from TDS (for those of you who don’t know what that stands for, it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome), then he completely missed the moral of the story. Additionally, it made me question if he compared Trump to my fictional President, Lucius Maximus, and if so, why? Why would that be his first thought?

I decided to address some issues about the book that have either been brought to my attention, or at least mentioned in passing. Not that I feel it’s necessary to explain myself, my book, or my characters, but instead, to ease anyone’s mind who may have read it or are planning on reading it. Rest assured, I did NOT base my character on anyone other than the image I created inside my head. To think or believe otherwise is purely coincidental.

First and foremost, it took me well over a year to write the novel. I even noted in the book and audible version that it was in the process when COVID-19 struck our nation. For the virus in my book, I had already named it, concocted the symptoms, and created where it originated from, and about how surprised and dismayed I was when an actual pandemic broke out. Therefore, let me answer some questions that have been asked about the book. Of course, the only real way to draw your own conclusion is to read it or listen to it. So here goes.

Did I base my fictional President, Lucius Belvedere Maximus, on Donald Trump? NO, I did not. In fact, a wrote a blog a couple of years ago about identifying the Anti-Christ and what characteristics to look for. Then I got out my Bible and read, did some research on Christian websites, compared notes, and created my character. Nothing more, nothing less. If anyone who has read the book has made this comparison, then I have a question for you…..WHY would you think that? What is it about Maximus that makes/made you compare him to a real person?

Why is the book so graphic? HELLO! Have you read the Bible, Revelations to be specific? The end of days will not be a picnic in the park. There will be pain and suffering beyond your wildest imagination. All I did was create scenarios that coincided with the prophecies of actual events that are foretold to occur. It’s called fiction for a reason, people!

Did you base any of your characters on real people? Specifically, Donald Trump? Again, NO, I did not, nor do I suffer from TDS. When I’m writing, I’m in my own zone with my notes and character outlines at hand. I base my characters on people that I’ve created by using my imagination. It’s that simple.

Why is the Anti-Christ in the position of the American President in your book? The short and simple answer: Biblical Prophecy. It is written that the Anti-Christ will be born from man, but not of man, and will rise to a position of great power. There is no greater position of power in our country than the President of the United States. The Anti-Christ will come to destroy, not build up, and that’s exactly what Lucius Maximus did.

Why did I write a book about the Apocalypse and the end of the world? That answer is easy. Because I felt compelled to do so. Many nights I awakened from a good sleep with scenes in my head that I knew I needed to write. And to be truthfully honest with you, while writing this book the words seemed to flow so easily. And although I’m an excellent typist, my hands couldn’t keep up with my brain.

These are the facts, ladies and gentlemen. Plain and simple. Even though it is a terrible feeling to be accused of doing something that you know you’re innocent of, I am no longer angry or upset over the listener’s 1-star review. The bottom line is, he’s entitled to his opinion, even if it is incorrect. I can’t make anyone believe or disbelieve. As long as I know the truth, that’s really all that matters.

For anyone who would like to read or listen to the book, it’s available in hard cover, paperback, E-Book and audio through multiple outlets. Here’s the link for the paperback version through Amazon:

If you have read it or plan to, I’d really love to hear from you. Tell me what you thought about it. I’m interested in knowing.

Take care, GNP

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