My latest novel titled Apollyon’s War is now available in Paperback, Hard Cover, and E-Book formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes (Apple Store), Kobo, Google Play, and Lulu. This book was originally published as Thy Kingdom Come but has been completely overhauled with multiple new scenes, events, and dialogue.

Book Description:

On January 20, 2025, Lucius Belvedere Maximus is inaugurated as the newly appointed President of the United States. Loved and admired by an astronomical and loyal following, he’s not your average politician. In fact, he’s not even human. Under the guise of a mortal man, Apollyon the Destroyer has been elected to the highest office in the land. His mission? To sow worldwide discord, chaos, death, and destruction.

With the assistance of his Vice President, Greg Coates, they launch and unleash Operation Wormwood, a lethal, manmade virus designed to annihilate mankind. The incurable disease has a 99% mortality rate and is remarkably transmissible, killing its victims within hours of becoming infected.

With the deadly viral outbreak raging across the world, catastrophic events increase in occurrence and intensity. Earthquakes, cataclysmic storms, locust invasions, floods, raging wildfires, and global volcanic eruptions are all precursors to the impending grand finale.

The few survivors who remain after billions of deaths from Wormwood, and international destruction from an onslaught of disastrous events, will bear witness to an extinction level event – the end of the world.

Link to Paperback version through Amazon:

Get your copy today!


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