As an author of 8 thriller/suspense novels myself, I can say with certainty that whenever a reader or another author gives me a shout out, not only does it give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, it is also ALWAYS appreciated and it also lets potential readers know that a particular book might interest them.

Now, it’s my turn to shine the spotlight on an excellent author of Thriller and Mystery novels.

His name is Dan Padavona, author of The Wolf Lake Thriller series, The Logan and Scarlett Thriller Series, The Dark Water Cove Series, The Scarlett Bell Dark FBI Series, The Dark Vanishing Series, as well as many other horror novels.

If you’re a fan of books that prompt you to look over your shoulder while reading, or make you get up from your cozy chair or sofa and double check the locks on the door to make sure they’re engaged, or grab your baseball bat whenever you hear eerie noises outside like crunching leaves or breaking twigs when you weren’t expecting any visitors, then his books are for you.

If you haven’t given any of his novels a try, now is a good time to do so…if you dare. A word of advice…keep the lights on and your doors locked.

Check out his website for a complete list and description of his books.

Happy Reading!!!


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