That’s a serious question, by the way.

As an independent author who is responsible for her own marketing and promotions, sometimes I have to enlist help from family, friends, and readers to help me spread the word about my books in an effort to grow my reading audience. That’s where YOU come in.

It’s all quite simple, really, but I’m offering an award for your efforts.

How, you ask? I’m so glad you did. I have an answer.

First off, if you’re uncomfortable about sharing information about my books because you haven’t read them, fret no more. I have arranged for ALL E-books through Barnes & Noble to be FREE to readers from October 22nd until November 5th if you prefer to read 1 or all of them. You will, however, need a Nook to read B & N’s versions. Another suggestion would be to look up each book on Amazon and read the reader reviews.

This is how it’s going to work…..

For one week beginning tomorrow, October 18, 2022, I will provide posts on Facebook with the heading “CONTEST SHARED POST” and ask you to share the post with your list of Facebook friends. Why would I ask you to do that? Because you have friends that I don’t and vice versa. You, in turn, will ask them to share the post with their friends, and so on. See how easy that is? It won’t take more than three seconds of your time to get the word out to thousands of people. Each time you share a post, you will need to TAG me in it to make sure I see it. It will be my responsibility to keep up with the posts and tally the totals.

When the contest ends on October 25, 2022, whoever has shared THE MOST POSTS (regardless of whether their friends reacted or participated), will receive, from me, a $50.00 Visa gift card. The runner up will receive either a paperback or hard cover version of any of my books. The choice will be yours.


Okay…….let’s go grab some readers!!!!

Glenda Norwood Petz

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