Introducing Book 1 of my new Chesterfield Series entitled, Welcome to Cowbell, Daniel Chesterfield.

Here’s the book description listed on Amazon:

Meet Daniel Chesterfield, a 6’7” foul mouthed straight arrow with a trite sense of humor and deep love and respect for law, order, and justice. Trading in his detective shield in Palm Beach County, Florida for a Sheriff’s badge in the rural town of Cowbell, Montana, Dan is assigned to take over the Bear Creek County Sheriff’s Office Sub-Station. Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge for a lawman, right?
Except that none of the deputies have ever received any formal training, they have no experience in law enforcement, they don’t wear uniforms, and they patrol in their personal vehicles. Ridiculed by other departments and fellow law enforcement officers because of their ineptitude, Dan is determined to provide the necessary training needed to make reputable deputies out of them and bring respect and honor to the department. However, that won’t happen without comical incidents.
The competency of the department and the deputies is put to the test when the half-naked body of the daughter of a local, prominent rancher is found at Dead Man’s Landing, a section of Hanover Pass where Emma Cooper often took nature walks. A preliminary investigation suggests that Emma’s death was the result of a grizzly attack. Forensic analyses proves otherwise. Not only was she murdered, but the test results reveal that she’d given birth only minutes before her demise, yet there was no baby at the scene.
When Dan visits Flying Aces Ranch to deliver the news to Harrison Cooper about the death of his daughter, he inadvertently stumbles upon a second crime being committed against him.
Who killed Emma Cooper and stole her newborn son? Was it the same person who wants her father dead? Are the two crimes coincidental or connected? Dan’s investigation will lead him to multiple suspects, but only one of them is guilty of murder, and he’s closer to Dan than he realizes.
Solving these two crimes aren’t the only problems facing Dan. A nemesis from his past has followed him to Montana to finish a job he started months before – sending Daniel Chesterfield to his grave.

Book 1 is only the beginning for Daniel Chesterfield in his new role as the Sheriff of Cowbell. Many more adventures are yet to come.

Paperback and E-Book versions are currently available through Amazon. Availability at Barnes and Noble and multiple outlets will follow shortly.

Below is the link for the paperback.

Yippee-Ky-Yay!!! 😉


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