All four of my novels are available through Amazon either in paperback or E-book format. Perhaps you’ve read one or two, maybe all. But do you know how I came up with the ideas for each one? No? Then allow me to tell you.

My first published novel is Animus:

It is the result of a recurring nightmare that I was plagued with for more than a year. After much consideration, I finally told both of my sisters what the dream was about, so they know. I will not disclose it here.

My second novel is Seeing:

This book is set in the mid-70’s and takes place in my real hometown of Pahokee, Florida. A lot of the sites mentioned in the book are real, as are the streets. When I was 12, I suffered a head injury while playing softball in the back field of the housing project where I grew up. Me and another player were running for a pop-up, both of us focused on the ball and not paying attention to much else, and we collided head-on. The goose egg on my forehead grew to about the size of an orange and put stitches in his chin. I really did get knocked out for a few seconds but I didn’t start seeing ghosts. I did, however, wonder….what if? That’s how Seeing was born.

My third novel is Hurricane:

As a native Floridian and growing up in the glades area, I’ve seen more than my fair share of hurricanes and have observed the aftermath of the devastation. After Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida, I was tasked with the transcriptions of multiple reports from investigators and some of the things I read were sickening. Horses impaled in trees, bodies bloated and floating in the water, dead animals everywhere. It was horrifying. The birth of this book came when I thought, “what would happen if beach goers ignored the warnings and stayed in the location where the hurricane was estimated to make landfall? And what if the only access (the causeway bridge) collapsed either by accident or weather? If you read the book, you know the results.

My fourth novel is The Punishment Room:

At the juvenile correctional facility where I worked for nearly 12 years, we had specialized programs there and one of those programs was for sex offenders. While some victims are able to overcome the atrocities put upon them, usually by a family member, some are not and are incapable of leading a healthy, productive life. In this book, Joey Sheffield is the victim and learns how to overcome her abuse and move on. She is a fortunate lady. A majority of victims suffer for their entire lives, never being able to get beyond the damage to their physical and mental well-being.

Currently, I am working on my fifth novel, and while I will not disclose too much information about it, I will tell you that it is a sequel to Seeing.