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The Rapture

This is a poem that I wrote many years ago.  It was published in His Garden magazine, as well as multiple church bulletins and flyers.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome…..


The Rapture© By Glenda Norwood Petz


As I lay in my bed last night sleeping,

I was awakened by a deafening sound.

Cracks of thunder roared loudly around me,

An earthquake shattered the ground.


I jumped from my bed in a stupor

And ran to the window to look out.

I could hear the chattering of voices,

Crowds of people were swarming about.


I went outside to ask questions,

I stood by the side of a friend.

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

She answered, “I think we’ve come to the end.”


“To the end of what?” I wondered.

What could she possibly mean?”

Before I had the chance to ask her,

The answer was revealed instantly.


For out of the sky came God’s angels,

The sound of a great trumpet was heard.

I fell to my knees in amazement,

Our Father had kept His promised word.


Then came a mighty bolt of lightning,

Splitting the sky from the east to the west.

The Son of God then descended,

His arms opened to welcome His guests.


People around me were crying,

Some tears of joy, some of sorrow.

They screamed as their loved ones were taken,

Leaving them to face another tomorrow.


Hot tears stained my face as I witnessed,

What once I had only read about.

The Rapture unfolded before me,

Erasing all of my disbelief and doubt.


Men, women and children were gathered,

Ascending hand in hand before me.

This can’t be happening!” I yelled out loudly.

Dear Jesus, You forgot me!


Then Jesus spoke to me softly,

Hurt and sorrow filled His voice.

I’m sorry, My child,” He told me.

But you’re the one that made the choice.”


Dear Jesus,” I cried pitifully.

I’ve gone to church all of my life.

I sing, I pray and worship you.

Please don’t leave me behind.”


My child,” Jesus said to me softly.

You’ve had so many chances while here,

To prove your faith and trust in Me,

Knowing this very time was near.”


 I’ve knocked on your door countless times,

Begging you to let Me come in.

You always refused to answer My call,

I knew that I couldn’t win.”


“But I kept on trying anyway,

Hoping that one day you would see,

That I am the light of this world,

You can’t go to the Father without Me.”


“I know that you go to church.

I know that you sing and you pray.

I know every thought that you think,

And I know every word that you say.”


“I know of the deeds that you do,

I’ve heard every prayer that you’ve sent.

But the deeds and the prayers were empty,

Because you refused to repent.”


“The sins of this world are many,

I knew that your life would be hard.

I once walked the earth as you do,

I know every temptation by far.”


“Yet, you refused to turn away,

From the things that you knew were wrong.

You were weak and gave in so easily,

My power would have made you strong.”


“Going to church doesn’t win you salvation,

Nor the good things in which you take part.

It’s won by claiming Me as your Savior,

And allowing Me into your heart.”


“You’ve always kept me at a distance,

Never letting Me completely inside.

You’ll never know how badly you’ve hurt Me,

Or how many tears that I’ve cried.”


“I’m sorry, Lord Jesus,” I told Him.

“I never meant to cause you any shame.

I didn’t think that my ways really mattered,

That Your love for me was the same.”


“I do love you,” He whispered softly.

“I always have and I always will.

When I depart from you this day,

My love will remain with you still.”


“Don’t leave me, Dear Jesus!” I begged Him.

“Please take me home with You.

I promise I’ll be good and make changes,

You can make me brand new.”


Jesus said, “It’s too late to make changes,

And I’m sorry that you can’t follow.

Leaving any of my children behind,

Causes me so much pain and sorrow.”


“I must go now, My child,” Jesus said.

“My other children are waiting for Me.

Remember that I love you dearly,

I only wish that you had loved me.”


I watched as Jesus ascended,

Back into Heaven with those that He took.

Then I closed my tear-filled eyes tightly,

I couldn’t bare to take another look.


I was left behind by Lord Jesus,

I witnessed the Rapture first-hand.

Now I’ll never have another chance,

To live eternally in His promised land.