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Remember When…Another Look

Yesterday, I posted about discipline and the importance of the use of it in raising, molding and nurturing our children.  Today, we’re going in a different direction.  Let’s take a look at it from a comical side.  I’ll even use my childhood experiences for your entertainment.

I always knew when I was in trouble.  But when I heard “GLENDA KAY,” I knew I was in deep doo-doo!!  The only time my momma used both first and middle names is when we were “about to get the business.”  Sometimes, “the business” was a stern talking to, other times…well, let’s just say my little white fanny turned a beautiful shade of red.

Moms, NEVER tell your kid to go outside and pick their own switch!  My mom did….once.  I did pick my own switch, if that’s what you want to call it.  It was actually more of a leaf or a twig, because I wanted something that I knew wasn’t going to hurt too much.  I brought it back inside with my head down and handed it to her, dreading what was coming next.  “What is this?” she asked, holding the tiny thing between two fingers.  “I thought I told you to bring me a switch!”  “I did, momma,” I answered.  “That’s it in your hand.”  That was the day I learned the difference between a twig, a switch, a branch and the whole doggone tree!!!  Might I add that I liked mine better?

There should have been a plaque on our living room wall emblazoned with “BOFO.”  For those of you who might not know that acronym, it’s BEWARE OF FLYING OBJECTS!  My mom was the only woman or person I’ve ever known who could pick up a house shoe, toss it across the room with a lightning fast pitch, and have it morph into a helicopter midair!  I learned how to duck with the same lightning fast accuracy!  Of course, she never aimed it AT any of us, just towards us to let us know she meant business.

One of my favorite old adages….”stop that crying before I give you something to cry about!”  Um, excuse me, but didn’t you do that already??  You did just spank me, afterall.  What do you think I’m going to do?  Laugh?  (I did that once as well, but that’s another story.)

I learned how to “circle dance” when I was a kid.  Some of you may have learned the same kind of dancing.  Circle dancing is when your mom has a hold of one of your arms, belt in her other hand, and is swinging said belt whilst she leads you in circles, repeatedly asking, “are you gonna do it again?”  “No, momma, no,” I chimed, getting dizzy from the constant circular motion.  It’s kind of like square dancing, but without the music!!  You should try it sometime, see if you like it.

Here’s a little advice I’m willing to offer.  Don’t EVER say to your mom after a spanking, “that didn’t hurt.”  Because, trust me, the next one will.

Yes, I was disciplined and I was spanked, but mostly, I was so very loved.  I can honestly say that I never got a spanking that I didn’t deserve, and then only when it was important for me to learn that I’d done something wrong and that I should never do it again.  Today, I’m glad I got those spankings.  I’m grateful for the discipline I received.  My mother was a hard-working woman, but NEVER too busy for her girls.

More than anything else, I’m so, so glad that I know what it was like to truly be loved by one of the most amazing and beautiful women ever created!  And I’m so glad that I got to call her MOM.

Until next time….take care and God Bless!