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Welcome, Everyone.

I decided to start blogging because I have an active imagination and sometimes, I get an overload of thoughts in my head and the only way to decrease the overload and increase brain space is to  write.  My blog consists of writings about my feelings and views on certain subjects and issues, whether it’s personal or something in the news. On occasion, I may even voice my opinion on certain political issues.  Just keep in mind that no matter how I feel or what I say, they are MY feelings and MY sayings, even though you may disagree with certain views.  I always welcome comments and feedback, and I enjoy conversational exchanges and differences of opinions, as long as the exchanges are civilized.  All I ask is that a level of respect be maintained.  By that, I mean no bashing, no name calling, no extreme profanity, etc.  I also post excerpts from my short stories and books for your reading pleasure (?) and feedback.  I accept constructive criticism very well, so NEVER be ashamed or afraid to say what you feel.  I will NEVER debase you.  I will, however, delete mean and/or hateful comments, whether they’re directed at me or at any of my readers.  Let’s just have some fun and friendly conversations.  Welcome to my little corner of the world!