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Clark County Museum, Jeffersonville, Indiana

While exploring the many shops and boutiques downtown in the Old Jeffersonville Historic District during the Chocolate Lover’s Stroll, I came upon a treasure that I never knew existed. Had it not been a part of the Saturday event, I might’ve never known about it.

This small museum is located at 725 Michigan Avenue and is chock full of historical artifacts and information about Clark County, Indiana – specifically, Jeffersonville.

I had a wonderful guide who was more than happy to describe the artifacts and displays as we walked through the museum, which is good because I had a ton of questions.

The pictures I took inside the museum are listed below. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them as much as I enjoyed my visit to the museum.

If you’re ever in Jeffersonville, Indiana and are looking for something fun to do, take a trip to the Clark County Museum.

Ask for Jeanne Burke and tell her that Glenda sent you.

(This is the outside of the building.)

(The kiss felt ’round the world AKA The Sailor’s Kiss)

(I wanted to take this Victrola home with me!!! I couldn’t understand why Jeanne Burke wouldn’t let me..lol)

(This is the vinyl record that was on the Victrola)

(Army Uniforms)

(Artillery from years gone by)

(Belly up to the bar, boys!)

(Child’s active diorama from the 1930’s. Jeanne turned it on so I could see how it works, but the video didn’t turn out too well. Shucks!)

(Before the invention of railroads, circus animals traveled by steam boat. This is an excellent display and is much larger than it appears.)

(Needs no introduction!)

(Grocery display)

(Check out those prices!!!)

(Check out the date on this list!!)

(Keep the change, ya filthy animal!)

(Automotive Advertisements)

(Think we’ll ever see these prices again???)

(Sing us a song, you’re the piano man….)

(An old roulette wheel with a well-known gangster on the poster behind it.)

For more information about the Clark County Museum, please visit their website at https://www.clarkcountyinmuseum.org/