All 8 of my books are listed below. Most or all are available in hard cover, paperback, and E-Book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, Draft2Digital, StreetLib, and Lulu. E-Book versions for all novels are available internationally on multiple sites and libraries. If you wish, feel free to visit my Booksie page at and read free chapters of all my books.

The links listed below are for the E-Books and are in chronological order according to the date written. Wherever you see “formerly known as,” that means I rewrote it, updated it, and retitled it.

  1. A Requiem for Revenge (formerly known as Animus) – If you like witches and zombies, you might enjoy this one. The tag line is “the dead don’t always stay buried.”

2 – Ghost Girl (formerly known as Seeing) – What could possibly go wrong for 14-year-old DeeDee Olsen when she’s left with the ability to see ghosts after suffering a head injury? This novel takes place in my hometown of Pahokee, Florida. A lot of details in this book are actually true. For example, I personally suffered the exact same injury as DeeDee. It didn’t result in me being able to see spirits, but I sure saw a lot of sparks and birds flying around my head afterwards. By the way, the collision between me and the other player truly did knock me unconscious for a few seconds.

3 – Hurricane – This E-Book was narrated by Lorin McCraley. You may know him from True Blood, Rules of Engagement and Castle, to name a few. Lorin fell in love with this story and was so impressed with it that he adapted it into a screenplay and will possibly turn it into a movie. Additionally, the audio version of the book was awarded Best Suspense of 2021 by I’ll keep you posted on the movie status. I really don’t need to explain what this one is since the title is self-explanatory. The end results are what happens when people fail to heed hurricane warnings and advice issued by the National Hurricane Center. In the case of Boone Chadwick and others, they didn’t evacuate the island when told to. Then extraordinary events prevent them from being able to leave at all, forcing them to face a Category 5 hurricane head-on while trapped inside a beach resort.

4 – The Punishment Room – Touches on a very delicate subject – sexual child abuse. I know it’s a hard subject to read or even think about, but we can’t turn our heads and look the other way because it’s very real and happens more often than you might think. For 11 years, I worked in a juvenile correctional facility with specialized programs, one of them being for victims of sex abuse, and I’ve seen up close and personal the aftermath such abuse has on a developing child. As a survivor myself, it was difficult, but necessary, to write the story. And I’ll admit that I cried while writing some of the scenes. On a positive note, Joey Sheffield, the heroine of the story, was a victim. But more importantly – she’s a survivor with a knack for getting even with her money-loving family.

5 – The Children In the Woods (formerly known as The Other Me) – This is a sequel to Ghost Girl and involves an adult DeeDee Olsen Blanchard. This case involves her 7-year old patient who’s being haunted by his identical twin brother who he never knew existed. Seeking answers to help him, DeeDee uncovers a child smuggling operation deep in the Florida Everglades run by backwoods illiterates.

6 – Dream Weavers – If you love a good ghost story, you might enjoy Dream Weavers. The entity present inside Joan Buchanan’s new house is a whole different kind of spirit. It’s dark and evil, and it wants Joan and her kids dead.

7 – Apollyon’s War (formerly known as Thy Kingdom Come) – Nothing to see here folks, except the end of the world. Following Biblical scripture and other reference books, I created my personal view and version of the Antichrist, and how he slowly and deliberately destroys the world and humankind. This one isn’t for the faint-hearted.

8 – The Fall of Autumn’s Becoming – This book is a story of love, loss, grief, heartbreak, and sacrifice. Autumn Marie Jensen disappeared on October 18, 2013, only to return 11 years later with no knowledge of her absence. Nothing and no one is as she remembers. Her husband is remarried, her children are grown and want nothing to do with her because they grew up believing she’d abandoned them. She struggles daily to fit into a world where she doesn’t belong and tries desperately to adjust to her new life alone, although her remaining time in Kingman is limited. Autumn was returned home for a specific reason – to fulfill a life or death mission.

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