In the books, Ghost Girl, The Children In the Woods, and (coming soon) A Killing of Sparrows, there are several mentions of landmarks in the town of Pahokee, Florida. These photos are of the REAL locations of places that I fictionalized for the books. Check back often, as I will be adding more photos. You might even see some of me in my younger years. šŸ™‚

This is the REAL Pahokee Observation Tower at the top of the levee that overlooked Lake Okeechobee. The tower has since been deconstructed for reasons I will not mention here.

This is the REAL Pahokee High School (Senior Side) that I attended from 1973-1977. The photo on top is what the school used to look like. As you can see by the shuttered windows, the building is empty and no longer serves as a school. This building may be dead, but the memories of the years I attended will forever remain alive.

This is the marquee for the REAL Biff Burger that was quite popular in Pahokee when I was a young girl. They had the BEST hamburgers and their tater tots truly were phenomenal.

This photo needs no explanation.

Both of these photos are aerial views of Pahokee. The top photo shows the REAL marina and fishing pier where I spent an enormous amount of time as a young girl and teenager. There was nothing I loved more than fishing off the pier with my daddy.

The bottom photo is a view of Pahokee. In the foreground is Pahokee High School, Senior and Junior sides. To the left of the school is the football field where the Pahokee Blue Devils practiced.

Both of these photos are of Pahokee from the mid to late 50’s. The top photo is South Lake Avenue with the Pahokee water tower looming in the background. The bottom photo was taken on East Main Street. Pahokee was once a booming, growing, and industrious town. It was a place that I was proud to call home and the perfect town to grow up in. I will forever have the rich, black muck between my toes…figuratively speaking!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Grassy Waters Hotel & Restaurant was one of the most prosperous businesses in Pahokee. My mother operated the restaurant for many years when I was a little girl. The beds in the rooms had coin operated, vibrating beds. It was fun to get shaken to death!!

A list of Seminole names and their meanings. Notice that Pahokee is “Grassy Water.”

PHS Varsity Cheerleaders. First girl on the right is my sister, Brenda Norwood Eidson. Rah rah ree, kick ’em in the knee…rah rah rass, kick ’em in the other knee! Let’s go Blue Devils!!!

This image speaks for itself. Main Street, Pahokee, Florida, 1930. Check out those cars!!!

My Senior portrait.

My Varsity Cheerleader uniform patch.

Guess who was Homecoming Queen?

My Florida Highway Patrol insignia. Name tag and service pins. The “TROOPER” pin was a gift from a trooper friend.

This is a photo of U.S. 441 from Canal Point to Okeechobee, circa: 1923.