When living in Florida, I traveled all over the state competing in bowling tournaments; however, although I lived there most of my life, there were so many places I never visited. Key West, St. Augustine, Panama City, Pensacola, to name a few. Perhaps one of the main contributors to not visiting other states while living there is that from where I lived, it took nearly eight hours just to get out of the state!

It’s different here in Indiana. I’m practically a stone’s throw away from multiple states. Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan. I’ve visited many places since moving here, including in other states. These photos are of some of the places I’ve been. Enjoy!

Falls of the Ohio, Clarksville, Indiana
Along the shores of the Ohio River at Falls of the Ohio, Clarksville, Indiana
If you’re not familiar with the catastrophic floods this area suffered, you can read about them online.
A Wild West show during a rural train ride, French Lick, Indiana
Colgate Factory Clock, Jeffersonville, Indiana
You can’t read the sign, but this was the first prison erected in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Fall colors in Clarksville, Indiana.
I’d say this was a pretty decent snowfall.
Slugger Museum, Louisville, Kentucky. This is where they make Louisville Sluggers. During our tour, we actually got to watch while one was being made. It was super cool.
Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, Indiana. This mansion is rumored to be one of the most haunted places on earth. I’ll take their word for it!!! 🙂
Waverly Sanitarium, Louisville, Kentucky. There have been many stories written about this place, as well as documentaries. Supposedly, it’s more haunted than the Culbertson Mansion. In October of every year, they sell tickets to those daring enough to spend the night inside, and also tickets just to take a tour. Two of my daughters took the tour. This view is close enough for me, thank you very much.
A better view of Waverly Sanitarium.
You’ve been warned!!!
Odessa, Texas
Oil Rig, Odessa, Texas

Jackrabbit, Midland, Texas
Prairie Dog, Midland, Texas
I got to see Jeff Dunham in person in Louisville. What a great show it was.
Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky
Since my all time favorite movie ever is JAWS, I couldn’t NOT share this one!!! 🙂
In June, 2010, my husband and I took a mini road trip to admire the scenery and visit a few places we’d never seen before. We visited this monastery and were allowed to go inside and look around. I’m not Catholic, but my husband is. I must say that the interior is absolutely stunning and the priests and monks were all so nice to us. I really enjoyed this visit.
Just one of many photos I took of the inside of the church.
This is at the Santa Claus Museum in Santa Claus, Indiana. Every letter to Santa goes through the post office there and is postmarked from the North Pole. I sent a postcard to myself just to make sure. This isn’t a large town, but it’s fascinating there.
Why it’s Santa’s retired sleigh, of course!!!
The original postal stamp.
We visited Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace.
A replica of his cabin.
Watch out for falling rocks…..and that ain’t no joke!!!
Inside the cabin.
Faux fur pelts (for reenactment only).
Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari – Santa Claus, Indiana
Water splash ride at Holiday World. The attraction has since been shut down. It’s higher than it looks!!!
The Legend roller coaster at Holiday World.
A souvenir shop at Holiday World.
Professional dive team at Holiday World. They were spectacular.
Santa thanks you for visiting Holiday World.
Like many other theme parks, Holiday World is divided into sections and each section is dedicated to a particular holiday. This is the entrance to Halloween land. There are also sections for Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Holiday World, drinks and sunscreen are FREE all day long.
King’s Island, Mason, Ohio
Aircraft from Thunder Over Louisville, 2010. This is a mega festival held annually. People from all over the world come to see it. The event ends with a spectacular fireworks show. If you’re not close enough to personally see it, it is televised.
Folks come early and pick their spaces and stay there the entire day so as not to miss the air show and fireworks. The bridge in front is where fireworks are launched from. They’re NOT your average, everyday, 4th of July fireworks.
Even the ducks come for the show!!! 🙂
A black bear at Cade’s Cove, Tennessee
Clouds over Cade’s Cove.
Cade’s Cove, Tennessee.
Cade’s Cove, Tennessee.
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Wax Museum, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis, Indiana

I will frequently be adding to this page. Check back often to view new photos.