Hi, I’m Glenda. Retired law enforcement, now a full-time writer. I write various types of stories, so don’t be surprised at what you might read. I currently have 8 published thriller/suspense novels. Check them out!

Meet Dan Padavona

As an author of 8 thriller/suspense novels myself, I can say with certainty that whenever a reader or another author gives me a shout out, not only does it give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, it is also ALWAYS appreciated and it also lets potential readers know that a particular book might interest…

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Newest Novel – Apollyon’s War

My latest novel titled Apollyon’s War is now available in Paperback, Hard Cover, and E-Book formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes (Apple Store), Kobo, Google Play, and Lulu. This book was originally published as Thy Kingdom Come but has been completely overhauled with multiple new scenes, events, and dialogue. Book Description: On January 20,…

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My Encounters With Celebrities

I’m sure we all have our favorite celebrities. Favorite actor or actress. Favorite singer or band. Have you ever wondered what they’d be like in real life if you ever had the opportunity to meet them? Perhaps that “nice” guy portrayed in movies is actually a butthole in real life. Or the “bad” attitude actress…

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Link to The Fall of Autumn’s Becoming

Thank you for your interest in my latest novel. It is available in all formats through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, and Lulu. The link listed below is for the paperback version. If you decide to buy and read, I certainly hope you enjoy the story. Thank you so much!!! GNP


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