Anyone who knows me, I mean REALLY knows me, as in personally, knows that I am a kind, gentle and peaceful soul who would never do or say anything to hurt anyone.

But I got me a good old taste of social media backlash today simply by making an innocent comment on a feed.  Almost immediately after hitting the “enter” key with what I had typed, the shark feeding frenzy began….as did the name calling.  Let me see if I can remember them all…idiot, sick, bitch…and was told by more than one person to “grow up.”  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 58 years of age considered to be grown?  One guy even told me that “I’d be ok if I’d just sit back and listen while the grownups talked.”

At first I got angry because of their hateful comments.  Have you ever seen that gif that shows the frog typing angrily?  Well, that was me today!

Related image

(Your is used incorrectly here…it should be you’re….just thought I’d point that out!)

I couldn’t type fast enough…my brain was getting ahead of my fingers.  I had to defend myself….dish it back… them out on their quickness to resort to such horrible behavior.  I should have felt bad about it…but I didn’t, and still don’t.  I did not, however, reply by using foul language, although I did call the guy who told me to let the grownups talk a jackass.

It just amazes me at how fast some people jump the gun, (or down your throat), simply because you think or feel differently than they do, or have an opinion that’s not syncopated with theirs!  In which case you’re automatically an “idiot,” or a “dumbass,” or even worse.  I think what probably upsets me most about this is the person typing such hatred doesn’t even know to whom they’re addressing their rant.  They know nothing about them, but retort with such answers as if they’ve known them forever.  And the ones who really get under my skin are the ones who can’t seem to let it go.  Okay, I said what I wanted to say, you commented on my opinion, I commented back, and you keep going, only getting uglier and uglier with every post.  I just don’t understand why people feel the need to have to name call and curse to get a point, or an opinion, across.  Are these types of tirades a reflection of the person they really are, what they’re really feeling inside?  Are they seriously that miserable or do they just like flaming the fire to see how big they can make the fire grow?

All I could think is, “dang man, no wonder I never comment on anything!!  This is why!”  I told myself I will never do it again, which got me to thinking.  Why can’t I express my opinions, my feelings, my concerns without worrying about whether or not someone feels the need to cuss me out over it.  They can call me every name in the book but it still isn’t going to change how I feel.  The problem with people like that is, no matter how many different sides to the story there are, the only one that counts, or matters, is theirs, because in their minds, they’re the only one who is right….which is 100% wrong!  They’re not willing to accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way about certain things.  I might not like the way you wear your hair or the clothes that you’re wearing, but I’m not going to cuss at you and call you names because of it.  Or tell you what a moron you look like wearing either one.

I’m not going to say that I will never make a comment again, because I probably will, especially if it’s something that intrigues or interests me.  But I DO refuse to let cyber-bullies spoil my Internet time and fun with their meaningless panders and hate-filled words from their filthy mouths.

Just in case you’re interested, here is the link to the story and all of the comments made to and from me.


As all of you know, your comments and feedback are always welcome here.

Until next time….take care and God Bless!!


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