“I’m not wearing a mask!”

“Don’t let the government control you!”

“My body, my choice!”

“It’s no more serious than the flu!”

“It’s an experiment in terror…aka…scare tactic to see if folks will comply.”

“It’s a hoax, and definitely not as serious as the media is making it out to be!”

Do any of these sound familiar? Know anyone who has said these words, or something similar?

On any given day, I can log onto any social media platform and see page after page flooded with comments such as these.

I stand amazed every single day at the amount of carelessness, inconsideration and plain out coldness displayed by the human race for their fellow citizens.

A majority of citizens seem to want to do nothing but complain about their current situation, while not giving a second thought to another who may be worse off than they are. If everyone truly wants to see an end to this virus, then comply with recommendations or be willing to face an indeterminate future, because until this virus is gotten under control (and the only way to do that is for EVERYONE to cooperate), then expect it to stick around for the long haul, infecting innocent bystanders, taking the lives of loved ones, and resulting in hospitalizations where the cost of treatment runs well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I choose to wear a mask whenever I’m in public. I detest wearing it because it’s difficult to breathe, cloth particles are constantly getting into my nose and mouth, and every time i breathe, it fogs up my glasses. But it isn’t me that I’m thinking about when I’m wearing it. Do you want to know who IS on my mind and why I choose to wear one?

I think about people such as my sister, Linda, who recently had a double mastectomy and whose immune system isn’t quite up to par at the moment, which makes her extremely susceptible.

I think about my newborn great-grandson whose immune system hasn’t fully developed yet and exposure to the virus could possibly be disastrous for him.

I don’t have any living grandparents, but I think about YOURS! We all know that this deadly virus has an extreme liking for the elderly, vulnerable and immunosuppressed, so why take a chance? How selfish is that?

I think about those who may be exposed to the virus by someone who refuses to wear a mask who in turn takes the virus home to their loved ones, then they take it out into the world and spread it to God only knows how many people.

I think about the multitudes of Americans currently out of work and not having the type of job that allows them to work from home, who might be facing losing their houses, their cars, unable to buy groceries to feed their families, who are looking at losing that income when the benefits run out.

I think about those who may be contemplating suicide, (or those who already have), because they see no way out of the mess they’re currently in and all they see are dark days ahead, concluding that taking their own lives is the best thing to do in a horrible, bleak situation.

I think about all of the kids who have missed school and are eager to get back to their educations and their friends, to social gatherings and school activities, the Seniors who missed their graduations, school dances, the prom. Do we really want to see kids out of school for another year?

COVID-19 is NOT the flu, although many have compared the two in an attempt to make their statements, and their cases, believable. But in truth, they’re quite different – in genome makeup and in the way they affect individuals sickened by it. COVID-19 literally shreds the lining of the lungs, making breathing excruciatingly painful and difficult, leading them to be placed on ventilators, which does the breathing for them. Fevers of 105 degrees have been reported, as well as a multitude of accompanying symptoms. I’ve had the flu once in my life, and if I never get it again, that’s okay by me. Flu usually subsides within 3-5 days, but COVID-19 hangs on for weeks, even months, and causes permanent damage. While the flu will definitely make one feel pretty crappy during the time they’re sick with it, once it’s gone, so are the symptoms. Not so much with this corona-virus!

“Do you know how astronomical my chances of getting that virus are?” Chances of contracting the virus are much greater if you’re exposed to someone carrying it, and it will likely be someone who is pre-symptomatic or A-symtomatic, unaware that they’re even infected because they won’t exhibit any symptoms. The incubation period is 2-14 days. Now imagine how many potential victims there could be within that time frame! Not just you, but everyone you’re around, everyone they’re around, and so on and so on. It’s a never ending cycle.

I don’t understand the mentality of certain individuals who see this Global Pandemic as not serious when there are currently 2.98 million confirmed cases and more than 132,000 deaths in the USA alone, and the numbers are growing exponentially every single day. The numbers are even higher globally.

While masks may not be the solution to completely ending the spread, they most certainly help, and everyone should do their part to help get this horrible disease under control.

Why do you not care enough about humanity to prevent a death if you’re able to? Why has the issue of wearing a protective mask been turned into a political one when politics have absolutely nothing to do with exercising preventative measures? Why are doctors, nurses and other medical personnel required to wear them if they’re useless?

You may not care enough about your own friends and family to take measures to prevent them from getting sick and possibly dying, but you certainly do NOT have the right to endanger my loved ones because of your selfishness and refusal to comply with recommendations set forth by medical experts, including the CDC and NIH!!!!

If you really and truly want to see this pandemic come to an end, the solution is simple….


Medical masks can be scary for children. This is a cute and fun ...

Take care and be safe!!


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  1. This was so beautifully written and I applaud you for sending it out to your followers.

    Sending love as always!!

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