If you’ve visited my website recently, then you probably noticed that I had several music playlists posted. Unfortunately, I had to narrow it down because the MP3’s were taking up a lot of my storage space. Therefore, I decided to make one playlist and change the songs weekly. The list will consist of different genres of music, so hopefully there’ll be something for everyone.

If there’s a song you’d like me to add, drop me a message and let me know. I have thousands of songs to choose from, ranging from the 60’s to today’s hits, instrumentals, country, pan pipes, by artist, and movie soundtracks. What I do not have is any heavy metal or rap other than Rapper’s Delight and Apache by the Sugarhill Gang. 🙂

The list will be updated every Sunday night. If I receive your request before I change the songs, I’ll get your request on the most current list.

Enjoy the music!

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