Snow is softly falling, my Christmas tree lights are shining brightly, gifts are wrapped and baked goods are on the table – but my heart is heavy.

Because as I sit here comfortably in my chair, sipping on my hot, chocolate flavored coffee and listening to Christmas music, I find myself overwhelmed with mixed feelings of sadness and nostalgia as I remember days gone by and Christmases spent with loved ones, some of whom are no longer with us – sitting around a love-filled table, enjoying each others’ company, talking, laughing and relishing every single moment.  Oh, how I pine for those days – for just one more Christmas with my mom and dad at the table with us, for Wayne Bo, who loved everything there was to love about Christmas and what it stood for, and for Andi Jo, who never got to know what a Christmas was – or the love and joy that come with it.

Yes, I know the TRUE meaning of Christmas, and it is THAT particular love that makes Christmas especially wonderful.  To me, a merry Christmas doesn’t mean beautifully wrapped packages with perfectly tied ribbons, or ornaments and decorations, or even the food or the amount of baking that I do.  It’s about the love I FEEL inside, the joy and merriment that make my heart glad.  Why?  Because I know what it is to love deeply, and to be loved.  Not just by Christ, but by family and friends who have made my life a wonderful experience.

Because me and my sisters live so far apart from each other, and each of us has our own families, I think the chances are pretty slim that we’ll ever get to spend another one together as a family the way we used to when we resided in the same area.  But it is remembering THOSE Christmases that help me through the holidays.  Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love spending the holidays with my husband, children and grandchildren – but having EVERYONE together again would make it incredible.  Although we aren’t together in body, we will ALWAYS be together in spirit.  Not just at Christmas time, but every day.

If you are fortunate enough to still have your family with you, enjoy them, make those moments count, memories that you can, one day, look back on with the fondest of remembrances.  My family has certainly learned first hand the old adage that “tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone,” so don’t be afraid or ashamed to tell your loved ones that you love them.  Let them know NOW while you still can.  Give them a great big bear-hug, because it feels good – to you and to them!  Make every second count….

What does Christmas mean to you?

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!

Merry Christmas Nativity

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